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7 Ways How Crosswords Help in Building Strategic Thinking

You might hear the term strategic thinking used by professionals, such as psychologists and college professors. Students of all levels are one of those that often face tasks that require strategic thinking.

As the name suggests, it involves thinking with some tactics involved. That means you strategize and look to identify patterns and connect ideas so that you can use them to come up with a solution.


While it is an advanced way of thinking, it is not that difficult to achieve it. You will need some effort, but the good news is that even some fun activities boost your thinking skills. For example, crosswords can help you think strategically. You were probably solving crosswords when you were a child. The truth is they can be beneficial regardless of your age. Some studies indicate that you may slow down dementia if you regularly solve puzzles.Identifying Patterns

Резултат слика за identifying patterns


Many of us think crosswords are something that we solve when we are bored. Nobody can deny that they are fun, especially if the theme of the puzzle is attractive, but it boosts your problem-solving levels by helping you to recognize patterns easily.

You should always aim to combine crosswords that have different themes or patterns. That will inspire you to think strategically to find and understand the pattern, which will help you to solve the puzzle. It is the same approach you will use later in life when you encounter a problem. You will learn how to analyse its different aspects and how they can help to find the solution.

Understanding Clues


Clues are nothing else than metaphors that the crossword creator uses to give you a hint to find the solution. Upon reading a clue, you will need to employ your brain cells to discover what the creator meant. In some cases, the hint will be in the form of a riddle or a witty line. You will need to open your mind and employ some critical and creative thinking to find the solution.

That type of creative thinking can help in your career and other areas of life. You may be able to come up with an innovative solution to the problem because you were pursuing creative ways to solve tasks in crosswords.

Organizing Your Thoughts

Ways to Organize Your Thoughts


Edward De Bono was a Maltese psychologist, author, and inventor. His crucial contribution is the system of six thinking hats, which talks about different directions of our thinking process. The idea is to assign a different colour to each direction and organize our thoughts. The directions include managing, information, emotions, discernment, optimistic response, and creativity.

When you are solving a crossword, you are following a similar process. You manage the information you have, analyse them and choose what you think can be a suitable solution. If we don’t get it right the first time, we get more creative and find another possibility until we discover a solution.

Working with Others


Who says you have to solve the crossword alone? Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes (and another brain) can help to find the final solution of the puzzles. Working with others not only boosts our communication but helps us to make our thought process more strategic and creative.

For example, you may ask another member of your household to help you with the crossword. You can discuss possible solutions with them, which can be beneficial for your brain. Additionally, even if they find the answer before you, you will learn about their thinking process and improve your approach the next time.

Find the Courage to Decide

Резултат слика за decision

Do you know how many people in this world are indecisive? It is understandable since some decisions are hard to make. If you want to make yourself more courageous and certain in the decisions you make, you should solve crosswords.

The idea is simple – you will need to demonstrate decisiveness and courage each time you choose an answer for the crossword. A correct answer will, in turn, boost your confidence. As you employ your skills to carefully analyse the information you have and find the best solution for the crossword, you will learn to apply that approach in real life.

It will Make You Think about Possible Outcomes

Ways to Organize Your Thoughts


Crosswords require you to provide multiple correct answers to achieve the final solution. That is how they will teach you to assess each problem from different aspects. Are there several possibilities that could be the answer? What will be the next problem that I would have to solve to complete the crossword?

Analysing different possibilities can be of crucial importance to handle the problems that arise in your life. That is, after all, the essence of strategic thinking.

Learn New Things


The chances are you will learn something new while solving crosswords. A piece of information learned this way has greater chances of staying memorized in your brain. As you probably know, the information is power, and knowing much is the right way to improving our thinking skills. Who knows, maybe you use some of the info from the crosswords to solve a real-life problem.

Where to Find Crosswords to Solve?

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You can solve crosswords both online and offline. If you are open to modern technologies, you can solve different puzzles online. But if you like the feeling of holding the crossword in your hand, you can purchase newspapers or magazines that feature puzzles. That includes daily newspapers, but also specialized magazines focused on different puzzles.

While we do not encourage cheating, if you get stuck, you may consider finding some hints online. For example, The Sun two speed crossword answers are ideal if you need help solving the puzzle published in that newspaper. Let’s take an in-depth look at how can be helpful.

Keep Your Mind Challenged with Crosswords

Innovating for Dementia: Fit Mind Challenge Update


Ultimately, the idea of solving crosswords regularly is to keep your mind challenged. You can find different types of puzzles out there, so do not hesitate to add some variety. Keeping things dynamic will boost your strategic and creative thinking further. That will give you the crucial advantage and practice necessary to tackle real-life problems once they arise!

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