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Five Ways Apps Are Making the Home Buying Experience Easier for Everyone

Buying a home is exciting, but it can be stressful too. A lot goes into choosing the right home and making it your own. It takes a lot of time.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take quite as much time as it used to. It’s easier than ever to simplify every area of the home buying process because there’s an app for that!

Here are five types of apps, with a few examples, that will make the home buying process simpler for everyone involved.

Sales-Boosting Apps for Real Estate Agents

Even in a world of apps, a real estate agent is still crucial to finding the right home for your family. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to get discovered and make a sale with custom apps for real estate agents.

These apps are specially designed for individual real estate agents, which boosts business for them, but it also makes things easier for home buyers. Instead of trying to figure out what agent to contact about a home, you’ll know right away who to contact.

These apps also make it easier for homeowners who want to work with a specific real estate agent. You can see which homes your agent can show you in an instant.

Comprehensive Home Buying Apps

You may not have a real estate agent yet. In today’s world, that’s okay! If you’re just browsing potential homes, you definitely need to check out some of the top home buying apps.

A few apps to check out include:

  • Trulia helps you search for your dream home, but it also tells you a plethora of information that includes lot size, the year it was built, and square footage.
  • Zillow is a highly rated home buying app that can tell you home values based on size, school district, and more.
  • Homesnap is perfect if you’re out and about because taking a picture is all you need to do to learn more about the home’s sales history, interior features, and more.
  • Realtor.com allows you to narrow down your search by inputting features you want, and it can connect you with the right agent when you find the perfect home.

Apps That Let You Check Your Credit Score

You may be dreaming of buying a home, but can you make it happen? It all depends on your credit score.

Before you make an appointment with a mortgage specialist just to find out you don’t have the credit to buy a house, check your credit yourself. With apps today, like Credit Karma, you can check your credit score for free without affecting it!

Just make sure you check all three of your credit scores. Different organizations consider different scores when deciding to issue loans and mortgages, so ensuring all three scores are up to snuff is an important step in buying your dream home.

Apps for Running the Numbers

Just because you’re getting a good deal on a house doesn’t necessarily mean you can afford the monthly payments. You have to know how much that mortgage is going to cost in day-to-day terms, and you have to take into account things like home insurance, property taxes, mortgage insurance, and more.

Calculating your mortgage by hand is nearly impossible unless you have a degree in mathematics. Fortunately, there are many apps out there for determining your monthly costs. All you have to do is plug in the right numbers to see if that house fits your budget.

Find the Right Service Provider with Home Service Apps

Just because a house looks good inside and out doesn’t mean there isn’t a surprise lurking in the shadows that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs after you move in. A home inspection is a must.

Home services apps, like Angie’s List, make it easy to find the right inspector for the job. These apps are good for inspectors too because it’s a lot easier for them to obtain clients!

These apps will come in handy after you purchase your home too. From remodelers to plumbers and electricians, you can find the right professional for any update you want to make to your home after you move in.

You no longer have to drive through the neighborhood to find the perfect house or open the phone book to find a realtor. The next time you’re in the market for a house, make sure you use these apps to make the home buying process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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