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How To Make Money Online With Bitcoins?

What are bitcoins?

Bitcoins are virtual currency or cryptocurrency, which means you can’t see it physically or store it in your purse; but it is in a digital form in an online wallet and can be accessed by a combination of a private key and public key. The beauty of bitcoins is that it is highly secure, there is no chance of theft. You can use it online for various transactions.

Where do you get Bitcoins?

If you want to enter the world of bitcoins and earn bitcoins, here are a few ways to do it:

  • The basic way is to exchange your cash for bitcoins. You can do it online at various websites where you can buy bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin faucets are a way for you to earn bitcoins. There are simple tasks that you can do on these websites to earn bitcoins. However, you need a lot of time to accumulate bitcoins through this method.
  • Micro jobs are tasks that you can do on various websites. On completion of the task, you can earn bitcoins. Some websites like Mamby allows users to post interesting images/posts and to earn BTC for each view of their content.
  • You can also earn bitcoins as a reward by writing about them. If you know about Bitcoins, you can write articles for various blogs or on Bitcoin talk forums. You may be able to earn up to $100 in 24 hours, depending on the quality of your work. This is a good way to accumulate bitcoins.
  • There is one more advanced option, that is mining for bitcoins. This is a complicated process that involves making use of powerful computers to create new bitcoin. This is a complex process and definitely not for beginners.
  • There is one more interesting way to earn bitcoins, that is to exchange gift card for bitcoins. Here, you can sell gift cards that you have having and have not used. These can be iTunes cards, Amazon cards, Walmart cards, etc. There are many websites that offer these exchange. All you have to do is send the gift card to the site and give them your bitcoin wallet address and your bitcoins are credited instantly.

Making money using bitcoins.

Now that you may have some bitcoins, here’s how you can actually make money by using these bitcoins. There are many websites that offer unique and innovative ways by which you can make money online using the bitcoins you have in your wallet. Here are a few ways to make money using your bitcoins:

  • There are bitcoin investment sites such as Bitcoin Revolution where you can invest your bitcoins and get back returns. This is like bonds or stocks, where you invest money and get returns on it. In this case, though, sites offer to double your bitcoins and you need not wait for years, it happens in a matter of hours.
  • You can also visit bitcoin lending sites where you can lend your bitcoins to others and earn interest on them.
  • Then, of course, you can sell your bitcoins to others. There would be many people willing to pay a premium to own bitcoins. This is a great way to make money using your bitcoins.

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