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3 Significant Technologies in the Professional Sphere

Gone are the days where showing off the newest technology would be a flashy phone or a watch. Sure, that could still be the case within our personal lives but in the professional sphere, things have moved on. You’re more likely to hear about hybrid clouds and virtualisation in the workplace rather than the latest features on your work mobile.

We thought we’d take a closer look at three innovative technologies that we think have changed the workplace for the better:

Video Conferencing Services

When this first came onto our radar in the workplace, we must admit it was somewhat of a let-down. It promised so much, but delivered infuriatingly poor-quality connections, difficult to use design and low speed performance that didn’t deliver on the promised time-saving capabilities.

However, we’ve come a long way since then and now video conferencing can save a business on valuable time and costly travel expenses that globetrotting executives can often rack up. The innovations in the field have been staggering; you can have an immersive, life-size virtual boardroom experience that is not only technologically impressive, but also provide benefits like increased engagement and a boost in productivity.

Hybrid Cloud

The aforementioned hybrid cloud is an advancement on the traditional concept of cloud computing. It provides greater flexibility for businesses, as well as optimising their infrastructure and security as data and applications can be easily shared between public and private clouds.

This innovative service is offered by providers like Redcentric Solutions, whose hybrid cloud solutions boast a flexible and scalable resource for businesses as well as tailored configurations without compromise. Businesses can manage virtual machines in the same way as if was in your own infrastructure and allocate up to 128GB per virtual server.

Security Software

Although it’s not considered flashy or cool, security software is arguably one of the most important forms of technology for businesses to invest in.

The internet has exposed the vulnerable points of businesses, with even multi-billion-dollar corporations falling victim to online hackers. However, technology has also advanced to help businesses protect themselves against these data breaches. From file and email encryption to anti-virus software and managed firewalls improving network security, it may not be the glamourous side of technology but it’s certainly hard-working.

New technologies have certainly benefitted our personal lives in incredible ways. but we shouldn’t forget how much it has improved life in the workplace too. With greater connectivity, flexibility and improved online safety, the professional world has never been so well kitted-out in tech.

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