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Kotlin – The Modern & Safe Android Application Development

When we talk about Android Development, Java is the first language that comes in our mind. From POJO (Plain Old Java Object) to Java 9, it has equipped variables to the accustomed developers with the contentment to create application. Since developers could not retrieve paramount of Java features adequately, they migrated versions to outright the project. The enhanced effortless scripting of Java is resolved from a new furor, Kotlin. Although there is always new and rising in the trends for website and mobile application. Kotlin has marked its sturdy feet for crafting the android application. The best component of scripting codes in Kotlin is its interoperability with the JavaScript.

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Kotlin code targeting JavaScript for:

  • Compiling and optimized output quick and easy.
  • Chunks of code require to insert without effecting the entire code.
  • Actual functionality of application through single line codes.
  • Kotlin compiler Nullifies reference exception.

Although JavaScript works on both client Side, the browsing side as well as serving the web pages through Server side. Once the client demands the browser to download an image, the server side processes by fetching the optimum resources catering the client. Since, Kotlin appears to be less verbose, requires single liner coding than JavaScript. It provides the interface for Document Object model as well as graphical elements for client-side scripts.

To help get rid away from the convention JavaScript, Kotlin has a complier for the actual functionality of Application. The versatility of Kotlin, have turned heads of the third entities like React or JQuery. Its Robust feature let resolute API of these framework archive using ts2kt tool of Kotlin to transmogrify from tenacious typing.

Kotlin Benefiting Association for Android Application Development

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Let’s understand this with the illustration who have improved their traffic recently with the assistance of Kotlin for their business.

  • Worldwide social media app ‘Pinterest’ have imported Kotlin to their App, entertained by 150M every month.
  • With the ascended work quality and speed of the developers, Basecamp have dictated its app to Kotlin cod app.
  • Keepsafe’s app construction onus after the conversion code in Kotlin, their source line count abated by 30%.

With the liberation from the reiteration of codes, Kotlin is in the forefront and antecedence among the preeminent companies for framing a mobile application. Thus, it has become competent for android application development.

Congenial with Older Android Devices: Kotlin tools are highly congruent with the Android Studio tool, can sync with JDK 6 efficiently to run the application on the former android devices.

Similar bytecode to Java: Kotlin’s assistance to the inline functions for escalating program’s consummation have marooned Java codes. Enhancing the momentum of the functionality of the application.

Transpiling into JavaScript: The chief objective of Kotlin, was to compile code with JavaScript. To run the project writing code from scratch is a crucial task, which is completely eradicated. Classic java Annotations based on dependency injection framework for databinding

Compact runtime Library: Another component of Kotlin is its concise size. Accrediting Android libraries, Kotlin uses ProGuard to constrict runtime library. It can abbreviate 100k lesser than. apk file in no less time annexing few hundred practices.

The Additional Curve: For the neophyte in Kotlin, it isn’t a rocket science, Kotlin plugins helps with the very initial step. JavaScript can metamorphose easily with Kotlin, sustaining the incremental builds for designing, testing and implementing the product. A quick guide, Kotlin Koans donate key features with interactive tutorials for inaugurating it into mobile application leisurely.

The officially announced language for android application development is Kotlin. JetBrains Development Kotlin, induces developers to create Application abruptly like no sweat. Kotlin can incorporate itself through compiling tools with IDE into its installation package that can mark Java 6,7,8 conferring stipulation. Kotlin has void Java’s static method’s constrains, class body, interminable codes. Any operating system supporting JVM can compile and compute static, inferred revolution in application building.

Equip Android Development system with Kotlin Kit

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Kotlin team further cater a set of tools for the constitution of android development. The impetus tools are superior to the classic features. These tools have compiling extension features rehabilitating synthetic ones. The compatible library can amend the stiff XML codes into Kotlin code for the API framework and Domain Specific Language. Kotlin have specific tools to equip into android system for hassle free coding. The app extensions that furnish plugins for according Kotlin –

  • IntelliJ IDEA (15th Version).
  • JetBrains have plugin for Eclipse.
  • Java Build in tools assist Apache Maven, Apache Ant, Gradle.
  • Android Studio 3.
  • Emacs from Melpa Package (Its vault)

There are assorted programing languages in the market which were absorbed quickly for rendering optimum services in mobile application development. With the skyrocketing and contemporary technologies are bequeathing protracted codes. Kotlin, Object-oriented language have immutable as well as mutable variables, data typing, classes & methods for creating objects. The functional programming style of Kotlin interactive shell enable transfer of the main entry point to its program use extension methods.

Kotlin for Native 

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Kotlin/Native is a solution to many conditions where a developer gets stranded. The complication of a runtime or virtual machine for self-contained program has been resolved with the compiled Kotlin code. It also admits easy transpilling of the codes written on other platforms through Kotlin library.

Kotlin for developing Server-Side application 

Kotlin is a solution to the server applications too, consistent with java-based technology stacks.

  • Assisting type-safe builders and delegated properties.
  • Ingenious language feature makes dynamic use of abstractions.
  • Kotlin is capable of influencing clients aiding coroutines for framing server-side application.
  • Kotlin holds framework–specific tools for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate which is abutment to IDE.

Kotlin enlisted with frameworks offers versatility for the server-side development

  1. For more precise API, Spring framework is a great fit for provoking contemporary project using Kotlin’s language feature.
  2. To build web app on reactive, Vert.x is the framework that afford assistance for documentation on JVM.
  3. The most versatile framework in Kotlin created by JetBrains, Ktor admits the service of coroutines for extensible use of colloquial API to form web applications.
  4. For building web apps in HTML and wavering the templates (JSP& Freemaker) a DSL is worn featured in Kotlin, kotlinx.html.
  5. You can directly contact the JPA, JDBC and NoSQL databases from their respective Java drivers.

Distribution of Kotlin apps bedding java apps in conjunction with Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform etc. Colossal, gigantic, buttoned-down authorities and administration using Kotlin on the server side:

  • Enormous banks using large deployment in ledger platform which is constructed on an open source platform is Corda.
  • JetBrains is majorly partnering with Kotlin for running JetBrains Account. This system is cursively executing its operations in selling and validating the procedures without a fault since 2015.


The preeminence of endorsing in Kotlin, is that it is less peril. Because dwelling into a project is simply adherence. Since Kotlin readable syntax have thrust the bizarre among obscure. It has earned abutment from the entrenched making it prominent for application building with each passing day. This JavaScript compiling language have elevated the essence of mobile application juncture with whoopee. Also it has majorly severed hefty brands actively functioning placidly creating web applications and services without a rest.

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Ashley Marsh is a Senior- Content Writer at Maan Softwares Inc. She has been with this company for past four years. She is specialized in the technical writing genre especially in mobile development, web design, and, latest technologies. According to her, it has been a great exposure for her as each day the technology is updating itself resulting in new ideas that keep her fresh daily.

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About the Author

is a Senior- Content Writer at Maan Softwares Inc. She has been with this company for past four years. She is specialized in the technical writing genre especially in mobile development, web design, and, latest technologies. According to her, it has been a great exposure for her as each day the technology is updating itself resulting in new ideas that keep her fresh daily.

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