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Published on October 21st, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


How Cloud Hosting Around the World Faces Security Challenges

Cloud Hosting is slowly becoming a trend for IT companies because of a number of reasons. It is convenient, offers flexibility, vps server access, unlimited access, and storage options based on the requirement. It is also a cost effective way of doing business as there is no need for capital investment in large storage servers and IT personnel. While Cloud Hosting has its benefits, it has serious security threats looming large. The world is slowly becoming a popular destination for Cloud Hosting for a number of reasons. Let’s look at the various threats and why cloud hosting is a better option for various companies.

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Data Breach

The recent data breach at Target resulted in personal and credit card information of millions of customers. This was one of the biggest data thefts to take place. It also made companies take notice and look for secure options for cloud hosting.

Data Loss

While data breach may be the work of hackers with malicious intent, data loss can happen due to negligence or poor infrastructure. Data loss has as big an effect on companies as data theft. Imagine recovering data over five years due to an operator error.

Account Hijacking

Hackers always look for new ways to fleece people. One of the recent methods of garnering data is by hacking into email accounts and recovering passwords and other personal information stored there. This can be damaging to the customers as well as the companies hosting the email id.

Service Traffic Hijacking

Service hijacking is nothing but an intruder getting into critical areas of a deployed service and damaging the integrity of the service. A case in question is the hijacking of Bank of America’s sites where hackers simply put themselves between the customer and Bank of America. Any transactions conducted on the BOA website went through the hackers, thereby compromising data.

Service Denial

Service denial is another old tactic used by hackers to intrude in a transaction and compromise security. Hackers place malwares on various online sites and deny any financial transactions to the customer. This results in repeated attempts and the hacker has received all the information ever needed.


One rotten fruit can spoil the entire basket. This old saying holds true even for cloud hosting companies. Malicious insiders can play a big part in leaking data. If companies play smart and keep encryption keys with them, malicious insiders cannot play a part.

Abusing Cloud Services

Cloud hosting brings with is ease of use and flexibility to access data anytime and anywhere. While it may take hackers a long time to crack the encryption keys, using cloud servers he may be able to crack the key in a matter of minutes. Hackers use clouds against cloud hosting companies. The plant malwares or even distributed pirated software can compromise the integrity of the cloud.

Shared Technology

Many cloud hosting companies use the same servers for more than one company. While this may be a cost effective way, it can also compromise the data for any of the companies. Once the data of any of the companies is compromised, it can create an opening for hackers to gain access to data of the other companies as well.

Insufficient Research

Many companies are jumping onto the cloud bandwagon without knowing too much about it. Companies fail to understand the services offered and various protection policies that are in place. They even fail to understand the methods followed in the event of an incident or what kind of security monitoring is offered. Cloud hosting companies also push enterprises into signing on by misleading them and giving incomplete information. While this may be unethical, gaining business is the top priority for these service providers. Companies need to be careful before entrusting someone else with their data.

Here Is Why Cloud Hosting Is A Better Option

Security Leaks

After the recent leaks of the Prism surveillance program of the United States National Security Agency (NSA), companies are getting concerned about data privacy. That being said, many global corporations are losing trust in US controlled cloud services and are turning to cloud hosting for various data hosting requirements. Recent survey has seen a revenue increase of more than 45% for cloud services.

Secure Data

Before the Prism leak, the United States was the most sought after destination in the cloud hosting industry. This is because of the savings that were offered to the company. However, companies are now making data security their primary concern. The advantage of cloud hosting is that the privacy laws in many countries are not bound by EU laws. Any country falling within the EU is bound by law to share data with other member states. Since most of the world does not fall within the EU, data security does not become an issue with cloud hosting.


Data privacy is one thing that drives companies towards the best cloud hosting solutions. The advantage of hosting around the world clouds is no foreign government can access this data. While US and the rest of Europe are bound by EU law to share data whenever requested, the rest of the world has no such restriction. The only way to access data that is hosted in a data center is if an official court order is received that proves guilt against the hosting company. Most hosting companies offer a more strategic approach towards data security and companies can see the importance given to it. This builds the trust level, thereby prompting companies to select a particular company as a cloud hosting destination.

Specific Companies

There are oil companies that get a tad worried about outsourcing data hosting as their business may be of interest to foreign governments. Data security of such companies is of utmost importance. Data leakage for such companies may result in irrecoverable loss. Cloud hosting options takes away the worries for such companies. Most government agencies are not susceptible to any foreign laws or any arm twisting tactics. They are independent and this helps provide peace of mind to companies look for offshore hosting options.

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