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6 Advantages of Using Node.js Development as Your Web App Backend Technology

Are you confused about selecting the right technology stack for your online presence?

Gone are the days of slow responding mobile apps. Your clients are now smart and tech savvy, they know what they want and have enough knowledge about functions such as Fast loading, Mobile ready, Tracking enabled, SEO savvy, Enabled CMS, Conversion optimized, and what not.

Those days are past now, when clients used to care only about the aesthetic look and feel of the application. 2019 is the year where developers have to raise the bar with advanced features and state of the art development skills.

Here I have explained how the use of Node.js development in web app development gives all the robust features that can increase the functionality of web apps and improves the business.


What is Node.js?

Node.js is free to use, JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js uses event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it light weight and efficient.

According to the latest reports, the number of web apps using Node.js Web App development is 89,559 and still growing. United States, Russia, and Brazil are the leading users of the Node.js development.

Popular Brands That are Using Node.js Development

  • PayPal
  • Uber
  • Netflix
  • eBay
  • LinkedIn
  • Trello
  • Walmart
  • NASA
  • Groupon

Why Node.js Development is a leading choice for Businesses?

So what is all the rush about Node.js web framework? Let’s have a look what makes Node.JS a strong contender against other rival frameworks in app development.

Great Performance

50% of the respondents in Node.js survey 2018 have noticed improved performance in their app development compared to other solutions. Moreover, it is stated in the survey that the developers who have used Node.js for many years found more improvement in its performance than who used it for shorter period of time.

The three reasons behind the improved performance are:

  1. Node.js is good at multitasking
  2. It works on the fastest JavaScript engine, the legendary V8 engine
  3. It doesn’t slow down the server when too many requests are sent


Users claim that Node.js development blends better with the leading cloud computing tools and therefore keeps infrastructure cost under control. How Node.js web framework scales so well?

AWS (The leading cloud computing platform provided by Amazon) fully supports JavaScript and Node.js, which makes deploying and scaling of applications very easy when done using Node.JS framework. The included development tools predict web traffic and usage and works accordingly to handle such traffic. So, when there is a traffic spike it provides users with seamless performance.

By using micro services architecture (A software development approach) you can develop your app using separate blocks that perform individual function. Each block receives information, computes it, and transfers the result. You can add, multiply, and remove these elements according to your need.

Perfect for real-time solutions

Node.js development allows the faster exchange of data between client and server than most other existing technologies. Apart from that, Node.js has excellent support for WebSocket, which is the most popular real-time communication solution. Therefore, due to its conveniences, real-time protocols are leading in the web app technology.

Web Socket provides a steady and continuous connection between the browser and the server. Users expect to see when their friend is typing in a chatting app. Investors want live stock quote pop-ups in front of their eyes. All of this can be achieved through Node.js development.

Easy Coding

Node.js development lets developers to code in JavaScript for both the client as well as the server side which leads to better co-ordination of data between client and server. When you change the data on the server side, the data on the client side is changed instantly. Hence, Node.js development provides the developers with an easy development process and fast network applications.

A popular web app development framework MeteorJS (one of the best node.js framework) was built using Node.js, giving it the same codebase for the server and client.

App Customization

If your app faces some resistance, maybe sooner or later you will have to make modification in your app. To meet the different stakeholders’ need, you might have to customize the app and Node.js is the perfect framework for this due to its scalability and modification abilities.

Your stakeholders while building an app can be anyone such as investors, business partners, and the end-users (website and app users). Now each of the group has their own perspective on the project. So, the overall growth of the project changes with their opinions. Therefore, choosing Node.js development as your backend technology provides you with the best customization options, which leads to smoother modifications in your app.

Integration with Innumerable Services

If you want to integrate your web app with different services there is no better solution than Node.js development. Node.js is built using nodes and bricks so that integration for the external services works best for it. JavaScript and Node.js are the most popular web app technologies used today. If in future, a developer wants to integrate a new service, Node.js has a provision of API and SDK to fulfill developers need.


Deciding backend technology for your web app solution is not an easy choice. If you want your backend framework to last long and be supported and expanded forever, Node.js development is best suited for you. The future of the Node.js is promising as it is maturing and it has growing community.

Now that you are all set to adopt Node.js Development it’s time to work with Node.js experts. You can check Node.js interview questions to assess developer’s knowledge. If you are looking forward to developing a web app than you should approach for experienced Node.js Development Company.

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