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Published on September 23rd, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


Useful Ways to Clean-up and Organize your Smartphone

Besides food, shelter and cloth, one thing that has taken a major space in our routine life is the tiny box of happiness. You guessed it right; Yes! We are talking about smartphone. Innocent cellphones have now become smartphones. They have smartly occupied a fixed space in our pockets and purses. They have made the world come to our hand. Their ease of use have made them popular amongst us.

Unlike earlier when they were confined just for calling, now they have become multitasking device and an important part of one’s daily life. Whole day we require our phones to perform various tasks. Life seems to be impossible without it. Growing technology have enabled us to order our food, book a cab, play games, read novels and do lot more via smartphones. Everything is now just one tap away.


Since they have become multitasking device, providing us recreation, information, help etc we try to take maximum use of it and end up downloading multiple softwares and apps; many of which are never use and just consume space in our phones.

When we were kids, we used to donate our old books as we got promoted to new class, same was done with the old clothes and toys. Similarly, our phones too routinely needs to give-up the unused files or folders. Tidy phone not only provides easy access to the frequently used files but also helps the device to run smoothly. In such a buried life, we hardly bother to clear-up the trash. A recent research shows how much E-waste is being generated currently.

Smartphone-E-Waste-Epidemic-E-Waste-Recycling-All-Green-Recycling (1).jpg

As the data suggest, there is a lot of E-waste being generated every day. In the same way, the storage of smartphones are also not managed properly which result in phone lagging and apps running slow.

This especially happens when it comes to kids. As per their age, they are immature and might not understand how to organize their smartphones. Along with this, kids are also exposed to a lot of threat as they free use smartphones and internet. Free availability of various unwanted contents makes parents unsecure about the mobile use by their children. Introduction of deadly games and adult sites, have worried the parents about the mobile use by their children. So, the use of a good parental control software have become a necessity to have an eye on the child’s activity. To give you an idea, these are some of the top features – this type of software will allow you to see what your kids do on their smartphones like the people they chat with, the places they visit and many more.

For solving all these inconveniences, we recommend using a software tool like TiSPY parental control software. This type of software can help you to visualize the data of your kid’s smartphone in a very meaningful way. We would also recommend you following the below steps to help your kids organize their smartphones:

#1 Managing Your Contacts and Text Threads

Having multiple unused contacts or saving the same number multiple times unnecessarily consume a lot of available space in our phones. Even the texts which are of no use takes up a lot of room. Getting rid of such unused items is the best way to keep the phone functioning well.

#2 Clearing up too Many Photos

Old is always considered Gold, but this doesnot seems to fit for collecting old rarely seen photographs in the phones. Also, the unwanted, images or wallpapers are burden to our phones. The regular cleaning up by deleting or transferring the images to external storage device is the best way to make room for the newer ones.

#3 Reducing Photo Sizes

Keeping the photos to the optimum required size is the smart way to organize the phone. The photos can be reduced in size to meet the storage space need.

#4 Managing and Uninstalling Unused Applications

The applications that have lost its usage in due course of time, needs to be timely managed and uninstalled.

#5 Looking after your kids online activities and taking required actions

A Nanny to look after our children’s activities is what every busy parent require these days. Incharge Tispy for this!! It not only monitors child’s activities online but also alerts you about it, thus allowing to take necessary action as soon as possible. Tispy has taken all the burden of keeping the child away from the activities a parent wont allow. It acts as a detective, keeping an eye on the child’s action.

#6 Removing Unused Games

Games keep us busy and also elevates mood when required. But do we get enough time to play all the games which we have installed?? Answer is- No! And they keep sitting in one corner of our phone and eating up storage space and battery. Thus they need to be routinely uninstalled.

#7 Stopping Automatic Downloading

Auto downloading of images, videos, apps and updates seems to be a major space-killing threat these days. Connecting to Wi-fi, by default auto-downloads all the unnecessary files and folders. A check to this saves the phone from overfilling and slow- functioning.

These are some great ways to quickly sort your smartphones. Did this help you? Do you know of any other tip that you would like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below.

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