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Are Electric Saws Of Today As Good As Gas

Sawing is a tough job and gone are the days when it had to be done with the hand. While hand operated saws are still being used, they are mostly restricted to small tasks and perhaps for use by students for the art and craft works. When we have a requirement for large volume and powerful sawing works, there is no doubt that we have to either settle for gas saws or electric saws. There is a constant battle between supporters of both gas and electric saws. They believe that that their saws are the best. Therefore we are happy to share the various features, pros and cons of electric saws when compared to gas saws. It would be pertinent to mention here that electric saws are of more recent origin and gas saws have been around for many decades now. In many industries and applications, gas saws are being phased out and are being replaced by the electric variants.

Pros Of Electric Saw

The main reason why people prefer using an electric saw is because they are very lightweight. This is because it does not require an additional chamber for fuel to power and drive the saw. This certainly is a big relief and chances of getting fatigued would be much less when compared to gas saws.

Further when it comes to storing, electric saws are considered safe and convenient. They perhaps are smaller in size. Further in the absence of chambers for storing fuel, the risk of fire hazards are also reduced quite significantly. In today’s world where noise pollution is a big challenge, people prefer using electric saws because of lesser noise. Hence, when you are using them in noise sensitive areas electric ones are preferred especially in churches, schools and hospitals. When you are looking for saws for indoor use, they are safer and healthier. This is because they do not emit fumes which are unhealthy. Therefore if you need to cut concrete in enclosed spaces, they are often a much better choice. Finally, you can choose both cordless and corded variety because they are battery operated.


However, when compared to gas saws there is no doubt that electric saws are less powerful. Since they are built for simpler tasks they are not recommended for heavy duty works. They are often considered to be power guzzlers and might require 480 volts for operating a 42 inch blade. It is not suitable for wet cutting. Therefore it may not be suitable for basement wok and could be unhealthy too.


Pros Of Gas Powered Saw

They are highly mobile because you don’t need cords. Since these saws have been around for many decades most contractors are familiar with it. As mentioned they are more powerful and are suited for heavy duty tasks. They are durable because of robust construction. They can be used for dry and wet sawing.


They are tougher to maintain and unless this is ensured it could get damaged quickly. They are dangerous for use in closed spaces without ventilation because of the fumes that they will generate. In fact these fumes could be lethal especially for those who suffer from a lung condition.

Starting time is much longer when compared to electrical saws. Hence they may not be suitable for tasks which call for regular switching off and on of the saws. Different machines have different time limits for starting and this could be annoying and frustrating. It generates lot of sound and therefore it could seriously damage hearing over a long period of time. Gas saws are extremely heavy and cumbersome to handle. It could lead to back pain and lead to fatigue even after a few minutes of use.


The Final Take

When one looks at the pros and cons of both electrical and gas saws, there are reasons to believe that electric variants could be better for those who are looking at ease of operation, ease of storage, healthier operation and longer durability. They are also much better suited for environment friendly operation and are the best choice whenever there is a need for indoor sawing. On the other hand, when it comes to handling large sized and power-driven sawing work, gas saws are a better option. However, they lead to fatigue and back pain. Therefore when one looks at the cost versus benefit study, electrical saws may be a better option.


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