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5 things to know before buying Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz is one of the best hatchbacks you buy for a comfortable drive. The hatchback Toyota Vitz compact size with front-wheel drive and three or five Doors was released in 1998. The appearance of this model is pretty cute, it looks eye-catching. The dynamics and manageability of Vitz pleasantly impress in the first moments. In terms of interior, it is quite tolerable, this is in the middle of the panel. Compact hatchback Toyota Vitz – a car for roads with the high-quality road surface, if under the wheels roughness of the road shallow and medium-sized suspension rigidly works out irregularities. But the pits of a large caliber make the running just shudder, and all the nuances of its work with loud noise transferred to the salon. Keep in mind that everything I am mentioning here is based on personal opinions and I can get wrong with my points. But I am just highlighting the top five reasons here you can pay attention to making selection easily.

Comfortable Drive

Sit on the driver’s seat and evaluate the convenience of driver placement and location of the controls. The convenient steering wheel of the optimum size, devices with large dials provides excellent information, armchair with fabric upholstery, moderate cushions of lateral support and dense filling. Sit comfortably, a wide range of seat and steering column adjustments make it easy to find the optimal position. The organization of the central console is simple, convenient and functional, especially when you have a touchscreen. The minimal number of buttons, simple use, and high-quality display picture allow you to quickly learn all the functions and algorithms of settings. The Vitz Price in Pakistan, thanks to quality materials, high level of equipment and assembly, in our opinion, the best in the class. The rear sofa is wide and the legs are not abutted in the front seats.

Elegant Design

Despite the very small and modest dimensions, access to the salon is more than convenient. Inside the space is quite enough, and the car seats are narrow, clearly Japanese size. However, even if the passenger is not too high, he still needs to be slightly cramped, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to switch gears. It is good, that on doors there are enough capacious niches and armrests. The back part of the body is not as expressive as before and the profile of the car, but here Japanese specialists have bothered. The powerful body of a bumper with bright punchings on sidewalls, a compact door of a luggage compartment with a big glass, stylish vertical sections of the overall lanterns. With visible simplicity, all the details are folded into the right and harmonious mosaic of fodder.

The exterior of the Japanese compact Vitz 3rd generation is resolved in the modern corporate style of Toyota. On the surfaces of the body harmoniously coexist sharp edges and smooth lines, giving the car at the same time a solid and sporty appearance with excellent indicators of the coefficient of frontal resistance-0.287 CX. The front part of the car with compact headlights of a complex form, between which there is a narrow slot of the grille lattice crowned the Toyota logo. The front bumper of large size carries on the surface a lot of aerodynamic punch, a huge mouth of the lower air intake and neat searchlights of fog. The short, draped front hood is organically decorated with U-shaped punching. The front part of the body of Toyota Vitz looks like a muzzle of an animal with beautiful eyes, nose and a big opened in a smile paste.

The minimum dimensions of the bonnet, compact feed and simply huge doorways. When creating a car the main task facing the developers was the idea of comfortable placement of five passengers in the cabin. As a result, we have a city car with the wheels placed on the perimeter of the body and the largest cabin. At the same time, the designers tried to create a stylish, energetic and sporty image. Coped with our view of the tasks on perfectly. Ideal radiuses of wheel arches, powerful in measures inflated lateral surfaces, rapidly rising sub-window line, stylish bending downward to the stern of the roof.


This car, in terms of safety, meets the most stringent standards for cars of this class. If there is a frontal collision, it will help a reliable and durable body and racks with compact design, and at the impact of the side to protect the bars located in the doorway. The standard equipment of this model assumes the presence of ABS and airbags of the front passenger and the driver.

Powerful Engine

The engines that are installed on this car are not bad. You can choose one of three petrol engines with a capacity of 106, 88 or 68 horsepower. The standard box is mechanical, but the complete set with an automatic box is not provided at all, but there is a modification that offers automatic clutch. In this case with the car is very easy to operate – you need to start the engine on the neutral, and then just move the lever, then the electronics will handle itself. In this case, if the desired speed does not turn on in time, then nothing terrible will happen, because the engine is elastic, and the flap has a light bulb that will illuminate in case of error.

The initial cylinder engine is reluctant to cope with a mass of 1 ton and can come up well a very powerful driver. The more powerful motor, despite the presence of 99 forces, also does not provide hurricane dynamics. The reason lies in the ecology of the engine, acceleration and maximum speed at the level of classmates, but the fuel consumption pleasantly surprises, even in urban mode, the engine requires no more than 6 liters.

Easy To Maintain

On the behavior on the road and handling, this car is unparalleled. It can be said that the Toyota Vitz is a typical city car, which is characterized by good sprinting potential. It is worth mentioning the excellent visibility and isolation of noise and vibration, which correspond to the level of golf class. Oil and filters can be changed immediately, do not ask for the wait. The machine works fine. The stove is warm, you can stay on track smoothly for many hours.

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