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College Students and Social Media [Infographic]

Social media is quickly becoming a crucial aspect of modern society. From governments, colleges, businesses, all the way down to the micro level of the individual user. Let’s do a thought experiment for a second.

Have you ever posted a post or tweeted a tweet that you regret? Did it have a profound effect on your social or personal life? The odds are most of us said yes. Hey, it happens, no big deal right? Well nowadays, one wrong post can dismantle not only your life but the originations you represent.

In colleges and universities across the country, millions of college students use a social media platform daily. Athletes are people too, after all, meaning they also make mistakes but let’s just say the stakes are a little higher for them because they are public representatives of their schools.

This is quite a risk for colleges and universities considering one out of five students utilize social media for networking, but the reality is 50% of student-athletes have zero specialized training in social media management, personal experience not included. 23% of students have admitted they have tweeted a tweet that would be considered inappropriate and 22% of students admit the same circumstances on Facebook.

Some colleges have proposed banning social media accounts and several colleges have gone as far as prohibiting tweeting during specific seasons. Legally speaking some would say this is a clear violation of the student’s first amendment rights, but that doesn’t change the fact there needs to be some form of education or training for these circumstances.

Awareness regarding treating social media platforms like resumes or CVs, understanding they can’t post anything inappropriate and if they do post something, they better be prepared to defend it logically.

Calculating the probability of these events is extremely difficult, but it is an issue that we all need to be aware of to reduce possible long-term implications that can follow the students past their college career.

To learn more about college sports and social media, check out the infographic below created by Ohio University’s Master of Coaching Education degree program.

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