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Professional Quality: Up Your Game with Great Infographics

Infographics have become an extremely powerful marketing tool and should be used in your content marketing strategy. An infographic is a specific way to present information, knowledge, and data visually. For the last several years, infographics have become extremely popular as a safe method for search engine optimization. Aside from the SEO benefits that a great infographic can have, they are great for building brand awareness and sharing a specific message with your target audience. When done correctly, an infographic has the potential to reach up to 15 million people, according to the site Top Marketing Schools, and can provide you with a substantial return on investment, (ROI).

Make Them Unique

If your infographic looks the same as the other 3,457 that are out there, consumers will be less likely to become engaged with your business. While there are numerous infographic template programs out there, you should never use these services because your customer base can easily spot them. Instead, consider hiring an infographic design service, to provide you with a unique solution that will grab your customer’s attention and other websites.

Make Them Simple

The trick to creating an outstanding infographic is to keep it simple while also making it visually appealing. If your infographic has too much going on, many consumers will lose focus and will miss the message you’re trying to get across. Trying to create an impression infographic with ridiculous data and statistics, can sometimes backfire, turning off consumers before they can find out more. Infographics are visual marketing at its finest, and by keeping it simple, you have a perfect opportunity to attract a whole new base of customers.

Get Creative

This is where the design of the infographic becomes extremely important. It takes an exceptional kind of creativity to design a compelling infographic that packs a punch. Just like with every other industry, there will be good designers and great designers. Developing a creative infographic has everything to do with the message and content, as well as the actual design. The combination of these three elements is what will ultimately decide if your efforts are successful regarding creativity.

Use Minimal Text

The whole point of infographics is to use the visual medium to grab an audience’s attention and create a buzz around your message. Using too much text in your infographic can quickly kill your message. You want your audience to take a quick glance at the information and immediately want to learn more. If you include too much text, you have the potential to push a lot of readers away before they have a chance to take in your message.

Easily Shareable

Infographics are a great marketing tool because they are often shared through social media and other websites. However, if you don’t make your infographic easily shareable, this will never happen. According to the site Business 2 Community, people are more likely to engage with your graphic and share it with others if you make your infographic interactive. You can also provide the HTML code so other websites can display your infographic with a link back to the original post.

The benefits of utilizing infographics in your marketing campaign are numerous. If you haven’t already included them in your own campaign, you should consider adding them as a strategy this year.

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