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Manage Your Cryptocurrency Investments and Assets with B21

Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, ICO… these terms are quite popular these days. With the meteoric rise of Bitcoin’s value, the world of cryptocurrencies was put under the spotlight very quickly, pushing many people and companies to pursue and even invest in this field. But, truthfully, there is much more in this subject then just buying virtual currencies.

Blockchain, the technology is which all of these cryptocurrencies are based in, is really exciting, with a huge potential to change our society. Another interesting aspect is related with ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which consists of a process led by a tech company to launch its own cryptocurrency (often referred to as token) – a process that is even replacing traditional IPOs.

The world of cryptocurrency is fast paced, with constant evolutions and new options to invest appearing all the time. So, for anyone investing in this field, it can be hard to keep track of all those investments and assets, which makes a solution like B21 a must-have. This is a personal cryptoasset manager, making it easy to invest and control all assets from a single app.

Usually, people investing in cryptocurrencies would have a hard time managing all their assets – they would have to open accounts on multiple wallets and platforms, which makes the whole process really hard. With B21, a single account is enough to manage all investments, with a really neat portfolio dashboard.

This app is still not publicly available – its launch is predicted for July 2018. Before that, another app will be launched, one that will provide training and education on this subject for people wanting to learn more about it. There is currently a token sale going on, which offers 34% discount on token sale price. BTC, BCH, ETC and EOS can be used to purchase B21’s token.

B21 is also in the process of obtaining all the necessary licenses for full operation – so far, it has applied for DLT license in Gibraltar, which allows B21 to receive funds, exchange currencies and provide custodial services on behalf of its customers, and will apply for two additional licenses, for an emoney agency license in UK and an IFE license in Puerto Rico.

With this in mind, if you are investing in cryptocurrencies, B21 is an app you should definitely be looking for. It will make everything easier for investors, leaving them with more time to spend on most useful things other than managing their assets on several different platforms.

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