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Published on March 13th, 2018 | by Sunit Nandi


The top 5 best bass headphones in 2018

For many music lovers, listening to their favorite tracks with that extra kick of bass is one way to improve their mood and make them feel more energized throughout the day. For others, powering up that bass while watching movies, playing video games, and listening to podcasts and other audio recordings can make their overall experience more realistic and highly immersive.

A great way to emphasize bass sounds without getting too much of the boom noises that you usually hear from speakers is to get yourself a pair of quality bass headphones from your trusted retailers. You may check out this comprehensive guide to buying the best bass headphones. Read more about the top five bass headphones in 2018 below and turn up the music to that groovy bass beats.

1. Beats Solo 2

Considered as one of the biggest companies in the field of sound entertainment today, Beats Electronics is known for producing premium consumer earphones, headphones, and speakers. Beats Solo 2 may be one of the oldest releases of the signature bass headphones from the company, but its perfect rendition on low tones make it one of the most trusted models up to now. Besides the balanced sound output, Beats Solo’s comfort, durability, and sleek design make it one of the best buys on the market today.

2. Sony MDR-1R

If you’re looking for Bluetooth bass headphones with the best noise isolation capabilities, Sony MDR-1R is exactly what you need. Its liquid crystal polymer diaphragms are designed to produce deeper sounds with precision while the comfortable over-ear design prevents sound leakage which can deteriorate its quality. Sony MDR-1R also has angled drivers, easy-to-use controls on the right ear cup, flexible pivots, and long battery life to offer great convenience and function for a good price.

3. Ultrasone Pro 900

Ultrasone Pro 900 is perhaps one of the best, if not the best over-ear bass headphones on the market today. Ultrasone takes pride in its patented S-Logic Natural Surround Sound Plus technology that provides a clear and detailed generation and imaging of the sound even at low-end frequencies. Ultrasone Pro 900 works best in producing powerful and tight bass audio when paired with a portable headphone amp.

4. Oppo PM-3

China-based Oppo Electronics is one of the emerging consumer electronics company not only in Asia but also in the global sound entertainment industry. Oppo PM-3 is one of the few bass headphones that can produce clear and precise low frequencies without having the need to connect to an external amplifier. This model may be a little heavy compared to other brands, but the comfort that you can experience from the fitted ear cups and soft padding more than makes up for the extra weight.

4. Yamaha Pro 500

Yamaha has been one of most respected and trusted brands when it comes to creating high-quality audio equipment for many generations already. The Yamaha Pro 500 bass headphone has an elegant finish, extremely comfortable ear cups, and a thick, tangle-proof cable that allows you to enjoy the sound without limiting your range of motion. Yamaha Pro 500 effectively highlights the rich bass tones without overpowering the complex midrange and full high tones.

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