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4 Things to Consider When Building a Food Truck for Your 2018 Business

If you are about to start a food truck business, get ready for a fun-filled wild ride steeped in reward and adventure. According to 2017 statistics, the average fully equipped food truck business in America grossed $300K. If you hope to become a part of this statistic then you need a food truck builder offering custom designs to make you successful in 2018. Follow these tips and you will be putting yourself in an ideal position to be a huge success in 2018 with the reputation of favorite food truck.

Don’t Go Big and Don’t Go Small

You need a food truck platform that fits your business model like a glove. In other words, work with a food truck builder who understands your market, can take your business goals and map them according to a build design, and engineer a truck that will meet your needs to 100% perfection. If you build too big you will be wasting money on unused space with a heavier load. If you go too small you won’t be able to operate at full capacity and it could be your downfall. Avoid a food truck builder who tries to force you to “go big”. Instead, look for one who can make you huge within a truck sized right for your growth.

Find a Food Truck Builder Who is Also a Marketer

Remember, your food truck is the foundation of your business, and before any business foundation can be created one must first engage thorough research to determine its making. This level of research requires a marketing mind, so look for a food truck builder who known how to research and identify trends, predictions, and competitors relevant to YOUR business model, cuisine type, and your operation’s geographic locations. If your truck is built to accommodate your unique business goals within your niche, your chance of being a 2018 powerhouse in the food truck scene will be significantly greater.

Spare no Expense on Branding

When it comes to branding your food truck there are two primary methods: paint and vinyl wrapping. While both methods have their pros and cons, the best food trucks usually opt for vinyl wrapping because it is more durable to wind, rain, and other weather conditions that flake away paint. While paint is cheaper out of pocket, vinyl wrap is regarded as the better investment because a single application typically lasts five times longer than a paint job. Find a company that not only builds mobile kitchens but that also designs and installs custom food truck vinyl wraps with all the marketing considerations in place. Remember, people eat with their eyes before they taste your food. This means food presentation must look perfect AND your truck’s design must be a head-turning thing of beauty that gets them in line to taste your latest fare.

Avoid the What Ifs and Buy New

You may be saving money off the bat from buying a used food truck, but in the long run you will be wasting cash while your profits diminish. Used food trucks are a gamble because you don’t know what their true condition is. Thousands of food trucks have gone out of business because they repair bills ate into their profits and the time they spent in the shop gave leverage to the competition to waltz in and steal customers. Protect your business’s future and your earning potential by investing in a brand new food truck. This way all you need to pay for are routine maintenance and your annual licensing.

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