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4 Social Media Tips That Could Explode Your Content Marketing

Why do we use social media? Everyone will give a different answer to it. But the main reasons behind the abundant usage of social networks is they provide the average user plenty of options to connect, enjoy and relax while watching every sort of desired content. Social sites give users a relief from the daily grind. It allows our mind to settle and ‘breathe’.

Social media allows people to showcase their talents. It also provides opportunities to earn from it. Marketing, if done right, has always been quite successful at social media platforms. Many people, using smart strategies, make use of the abundance of traffic on these media  and they are working hard to gain followers on Instagram fast.

Everyone has his methods to earn from social media. Some make videos, comic vines and video blogs to gain a following and make money where others compose music or create amazing artworks. Many teach stuff online, some design tutorials, and plenty does product reviews etc. To sum up, almost every expert is utilized by people online to make money online.

Off all these talented people, content writers are considered the old school guys who still resort to ways of the past to earn online. Content creation is a contribution to the internet by writing relevant and accurate material about anything. And content marketing is writing relevant and according to the fact content about something for its promotion. Content marketing, being old, is quite underestimated, but it still holds considerable significance in social media marketing. Here are some tips to step up your content marketing game.

1. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice through which, when someone searches the internet for something, our content about it is shown in the top results. If you are passionate about good traffic, you need to implement SEO. SEO is applied on blog site as well as on content. Search engine optimized content is not very difficult, but making the blog optimized, it sure needs time and effort, plus it is extremely difficult to master.

For content, SEO can be achieved through keyword density. Keyword density is the number or percentage a word was found in an article. It is used by search engines to decide whether an article is relevant enough to the topic or not. For sites, SEO needs to be properly learnt. Courses are offered for SEO. You can learn through them or just hire an SEO expert.

2. Content Featuring

People still love content because it is without those cheesy tactics used by marketers to claim false marketing. Also, the written content is more detailed, relevant and unbiased. In other words, it gives a true review about the stuff it is talking about.

Many brands have a considerable following on their social media accounts. If you are writing about any of their products, ask the brand to feature it on their account. This favours both. Brand gets to promote its product, and you receive traffic from their account.

3. Repute

Many content marketers are approached by brands to review their products. This is because those content marketers have achieved a repute among their audience as trustworthy and an authentic source for product information. This is accomplished by consistent effort for a considerable time through a loyal audience.

Brands pay those creators to create content for them because when they write about a product, everyone believes its legitimacy and believes that the product is worthy enough. No matter what, never compromise over quality. Always be clear and authentic in what you create to approve yourself as original and reliable to the online community.

4. ‘Garnish’ Your Content

Most of the people on social media are generally for entertainment and to pass their time. Sometimes, they may not be in the mood to read a lengthy article about some lawn mowers or stuff. To keep the readers from getting bored, make use of catchy and engaging phrases in your content. Try new words to make readers stay on your blog.

Furthermore, add some relevant photos to your content. Content looks good with some visualization. If you can add videos, it sure is better.

In a world where false advertising is surprisingly conventional and proves a real menace for consumers, content marketing is still a source of authentic and quality information to its audience. It is up to the content marketers to maintain this trend and keep the audience’s trust unbroken.

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