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Apple Becomes The Chipmaker To Beat Smartphones Foes

Introduction of iPhone X has created a lot of buzz in the tech world. Where the Apple Lovers are head-over-heels for the amazingly mind-blowing features at its launch, the smartphones foes were found swore-faced with the strike of competition.

On the iPhone’s 10th anniversary special event, the design Chief, Jony Ive presented the astonishing features of the new apple’s flagship phone along with the most controversial one:  Bionic processor, which powers the iPhone. First, Let’s put a glance over some promising features of iPhone X. Read on and treat yourself with Apple’s wonders.

iPhone X:

iPhone X- the much awaited and most talked about piece of technology have a number of innovative features. The true depth camera recognizes a face from every angle- something on which people are buzzing around recently. However, the facial recognition system was there on some other leading smartphones as well, but iPhone’s ability to analyze a face by casting over thirty thousand dots on it, creating a perfect facial map is something which sets it apart. Moreover, the projection of emotions via an emoji connects the users with the technology more intimately by capturing the real facial expressions and mimicking their actions with profound details.

Its camera have the capability to take appealing pictures with panoramic shots, sharp foregrounds, blurred backgrounds and astonishing studio- quality lightening effects. However, the jewel of this new super smartphone is the wonderful tech piece called A11 Bionic chip.

A11 Bionic Chip:

The A11 Bionic Chip is the processor that supports iPhone X. It is said to be the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone, having a neutral engine, which can perform over 600 billion operations per second.

A breakthrough highlights Apple’s innovative approach to transform the design and features of smartphone. Moreover, according to the updates, the chip has built-in GPU that is 30% faster than the previous A10 fusion chip and uses half of the energy. The Company also announced the new “series 3” smartwatch with cellular and featuring 2 new chips which enables it to support cellular connection and still gives a long-lasting battery life. However, the most amazing news for the Apple Watch users is that now they can stream the whole Apple Music library on their wrist. With all of these upgrades, you can simply head to the beach without a worry to carry your phone – just leave it at home!

When we talk about PCs, either Motorola or Intel have been the prime producers of the powerful processors for Macintosh. Similarly, for smartphones, Apple has set a benchmark with its futuristic chips—giving away hundreds of exciting new features to the users and taking the technological advancement to the next level.

The member of Linley Group and a renowned analyst while talking about the technological advancement of iPhone stated, “From what we’ve heard about the A11, I would expect Apple to be pushing the technology beyond what’s already industry-leading in the iPhone 7.”

However, over the launch, Apple tried not to completely disclose the uniqueness of the new invention. They summarized the brilliance of the chip with the initial statistics, proposing that the processor (chip) present in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is around 25% more efficient than that of iPhone 7. The processing speed of this Six-Core CPU is 70% faster than the A10.

Though many other leading brands have always found a way to match up with the advancement of iPhone, this time they are flushed with the realization that this new chip is nearly impossible defeat in near future.

Samsung, which is of the leading smartphone producers does not control Google’s Android operating system that powers their phones, hence, they cannot go for integrating chip designs.

In the same way, Qualcomm have their limitations too, which according to strategic analytics provide more processors of smartphones than any other firm. It serves more clients with a diverse range of handset, which makes it impossible for them to copy even the top-of-the-line chips.

The clients for Snapdragon 835 processor- Qualcomm involves OnePlus, ZTE, and Xiaomi, the firms that sell smartphones at much lesser price than iPhone.

While supporting the supremacy of Apple, Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies stated, “It is somewhat unfair to compare Apple’s chip designs to those of Qualcomm, Intel, or AMD,”

The Uniqueness Of Apple:

Over the years, the quality, which I have found to be the cornerstone of Apple, is that they do not focus on bringing a new product every time. Instead, they work on the existing ones and try to enhance the performance to highest efficiencies. They improvise every single aspect of the product, form its camera settings to the fine touch; they scrutinize every flaw and redesign the piece.

For instance, take the example of the new A11 Bionic Chip. Through out the last few years. Apple kept modifying their processors and with decade-long improvisation and innovation, they reached to a level where it is safe to say that this latest chip might even outscore some low-end PCs. It works faster and up to 25% more efficiently than the last update. Therefore, it proves that Apple like all other foes, does not waste its energy by investing its expertise in multiple platforms or features, instead, it remains grounded to a single idea and polishes it up to such an extent that it becomes unsurpassable and invincible.

Here I am quoting one more evidence, which proves that very year; Apple products always hit the charts. Linley group in collaboration with Chipworks stated after the launch of iPhone 7 that, “The new iPhone 7 delivers better performance than any other flagship smartphone and outscores even some low-end PCs.”

Now the statistics from GreenBench highlighted that Apple’s A11 chip has raised the bar again.  Apple is truly a class apart.

10 years ago, on June 29th, apple changed the world by introducing the first smartphone. Apple carried the ideas and curiosity of Steve Jobs, innovating it for years. Now on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, Apple, with no doubt, successfully gave the tribute to its founder by introducing the new breathtaking device which is about to set a legacy for the next decade.


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