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Top 4 Internet Service Providers in the Philippines

Are you interested in having a fast Internet connection at home, office or business? Choosing a provider is indeed not as easy as how it seems. You need to consider different factors such as the pricing, data offered, download and upload speed, connectivity in your area and accessibility to name a few. For sure you have your own list of priorities or, deal breakers on whom to get as an Internet service provider.

To give you an idea on which Internet service provider to get, here is a list of the top ISPs currently operating in our country:


If you are looking for a fast and reliable Internet connection, you can count on Philippine Long Distance Telephone Inc. or PLDT Inc. DSL broadband offers. They brand themselves as the country’s leading home broadband. It provides different connection, which has the speed as high as 15 Mbps. You can also avail of their long-term services for a minimum amount of PHP 990. PLDT aims to draw people closer together as they bring the services such as Fibr, DSL, Ultera, and Telpad.

So if you are looking for a good Internet connection, along with a landline, PLDT Home is the package suited for your needs.

2. Globe Broadband

On the other hand, another big ISP name is Globe Broadband. Aside from the usual phone plans and services, Global also offers good Internet connection. Don’t you know that you can enjoy the world online, log in and browse your different social media accounts, watch or stream movies thru the Internet for an amount that will not hurt your pocket? Get quality service with Globe which speeds from 1MBps to a fiber-fast 1GBps. Globe aims to provide meaningful and worthwhile services to their clients. It is indeed true as you can also add different promos or services like Netflix, Disney Channels Apps, and HOOQ for a good deal of money.

3. Sky Broadband

High-Speed Broadband plus HD cable TV and mobile Internet, Sky has the perfect offer just for you! One SKY Premium Plans offers a good package of unlimited Internet usage, HD cable TV connection, along with mobile Internet. Yes, you can have all of them with Sky! There is also the One SKY Lite Plans that boasts affordable packages with excellent Internet connection with 20 GB data as its minimum allowance. You can opt to add HD cable TV and mobile Internet as well.

4. Converge ICT

Quite a new name in ISP industry in our country, Converge ICT is said to match other providers. They provide genuine fiber connection, so you won’t have to settle for less and suffer slow Internet connection. Converge ICT has different offers for Home, SME, and Enterprise with speed almost ten times faster than the typical DSL.

Now that you have a good list to choose from, it is your time to do further research and get to know other customers’ reviews of their products and services. Note that the speed varies on different locations and other aspects as well.


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