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The Impact of Airline Advertising

Compared to most traditional forms of advertising, In-flight advertising remains a relatively unexplored way of advertising your brand. Yet there are many reasons to believe why in-flight advertising could be far more efficient and innovative at selling your products, than most traditional ad forms.

The Hook

According to execs at Atin OOH in-flight advertising agency, what sets in-flight advertising apart is its natural affinity at approaching right target groups for the right brands. This brings forth a great space for businesses to engage with their buyers, with minimum wastage of communication exchange.

In-flight advertising ensures that the target audience is captive as audience. Since the audience is not getting up and going anywhere for a while, in-flight advertising has a major advantage. Besides, being bored and sitting in one place makes the audience sponge-like at gathering information. This makes the inflight space perfect for your ad.

The International Touch

Not just this, in flight advertising means that we have thousands of eyeballs flying around the world on a daily basis, giving your ads a massive reach towards global and domestic viewers like nothing else before. This includes eyeballs that have in-flight purchasing capacity just as well. Besides, in-flight media comes before and goes beyond the aircraft itself. In-flight advertising covers the ambience of the airport lounges and terminals as well. This allows brands to pose themselves in an all-encompassing way. The idea of watching a product advertisement in the airport terminal and then letting the same product fly with you in the airplane right up to your destination. That is the kind of effect airline advertising offers above other formats.


A very important aspect of inflight advertising is that ad designers and advertisers not only reach a high number of audience, rather they are also able to approach them along various parameters such as travel class geography and preference data. Once done, not only can such advertisements be target specific, but they are also set aside as records. After a few cycles, these records further aid in providing for the right kind of data, so that the ad agencies and the airlines get to study their customers.

The spaces for these advertisements range from branded tray tables and overhead bins which go from the front to the back of the cabin. There are also the skyline panels visible throughout the flight starting from the front of the cabin all the way to the back. They make for a space if your ad concept involves transitions or series.

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A plethora of options

Irrespective of the purchasing capacity of the target audience, inflight advertising can allow almost all the traditional formats of ad such as TV, digital etc. There is also the option of highly dynamic display boards or TV based displays. Please note that Wi-Fi facility has started to show up on many carriers, which makes for another highly effective way for approaching audience through advertisements in-flight.

Source: Daily Mail

From the highly sophisticated LCD based touch screens to simple coffee cups, advertisers have a huge range of platforms, formats, and worlds to juggle. It is required that the advertiser understands the uniqueness of the target group and that of the ad spaces involved, when advertising in airlines.

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