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Computerized Maintenance Management Systems – FAQs

Technology has revolutionized almost all the operations that take place in any organization. With the advent of latest technology, life has become much easier and hassle free. Not only that in this age of rocket science, you cannot afford to lose out on valuable time.

So, to save time, energy, and reward efforts and to get back good returns on investment, newer technologies are employed. One such technology that has brought about dramatic change in the scenario of maintenance management has been explained here.

In this article, let us find answers to few of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) pertaining to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. These are usually the queries that a layman would have in his mind.

So, for all such individuals out there, this write up will address your curiosities about this much talked about subject. So, read on for more information in the following paragraphs.

The article will deal with the FAQs in the following order-

1. What is CMMS?

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems is a software program that has been designed to simplify the processes involved in maintenance management. Some of the procedures that fall within the purview of its functionalities include managing work orders, planning work orders, tracking of assets, planning the nuances of Preventive Maintenance and implementing the same to name just a few. More and more organizations are switching over to automated work order management from the manual procedure that was involved to carry out the same tasks.

2. Why using Computerized Maintenance Management Systems makes sense?

Implementing CMMS in any organization definitely makes sense due to the fact that this new technology allows you to carry out your work order related processes or tasks very efficiently. You are also able to keep track of the inventory and assets and their management and maintenance becomes much easier and simplified. Above all, it has been observed that the companies that have employed this technology has benefited immensely as far as Return on Investment is concerned.

3. Benefits of CMMS software

The following benefits of CMMS software have made it a much sought after maintenance management tool. The benefits are as follows-

  • Preventive maintenance can be planned and work orders carried out using automated methodologies. Also, you can carry out scheduled inspections that can be predicted beforehand. As such, you don’t have to spend on repair work expenses since you will be notified beforehand about the condition of the assets and equipments if they require maintenance.
  • As far as allocating work orders, scheduling the same and completing work orders are concerned, this automated software will allow you to configure screens with the fields that you require, track work orders status, and above all track history of the previous work orders that have been closed.
  • CMMS software will allow you to keep track of your inventory better. For instance, if particular equipment is required and it needs to be found out whether or not it exists, this software will help you to do so.
  • Paperwork is one aspect that you can do away with. Earlier, professionals looking into work order status and processes had to do so manually with pen and paper. Also, the biggest advantage is that you will also be able to check the status of work orders while you are on the move if you wish to view it on your hand held devices.

4. How to select the best CMMS software?

Selecting the right CMMS vendor can be tricky. Compare costs, services, and most importantly functionalities before settling for the one. Find out about the past records that the vendor holds and its customer support services, the quality, promptness, modes of communication (interaction), and mode of payment. You can also talk to your peers and friends and find out which vendor is good if they have availed services already.

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