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Your Google rankings dropped? Read this!

You used to have awesome rankings for your site, it showed up wherever in the web search tools, and you were accepting heaps of activity that was creating messages, telephone calls, leads, and deals. At that point something happened, you’re not exactly beyond any doubt what, and the leads and deals became scarce. You check your analytics reports and see a sudden and particular misfortune in movement. Presently you’re frightened. You check your rankings, and they’ve gone down or vanished completely. Now you’re not quite recently frightened, you’re panicked. How could this have happened? All the more vitally, what should be possible to settle the issue and get the leads and deals streaming once again?

Rankings can fall for various reasons. Sometimes it’s due to a mistake that could have been prevented. It might have less to do with what you’re doing than what your competition is doing. In other cases, a drop in rankings is the natural and temporary result of an intentional action on your part.

Here are 5 reasons which cause the drop in ranking and what major step you should take to prevent it in each case?

  • You’re Following the Wrong Rankings: In recent years there has been a shift toward “natural language” when it comes to searches, that is, people typing, or increasingly speaking, complete sentences into search engines, instead of writing small keywords. In case you’re just following generic keywords, it may be that your keyword strategy is outdated. The general population who are searching for you are utilizing new keywords or expressions, and you have to refresh your keyword methodology.
  • Adding a New Design for Current Website: In the event that you dispatch another design for a current site, you can anticipate that your rankings will drop, paying little attention to what you do to get ready for that dispatch, and paying little attention to how much better the new site is, regarding SEO than the old one. To limit the drop in rankings ensure a legitimate 301 divert plan is set up. I know of at least one company that went out of business because of that single mistake. Ensure the new site is well optimized before launching it. but, be prepared for the rankings to drop, at least temporarily. Generally, the rankings will recover within 1-2 months, if not quite a bit faster.
  • Low Quality Links: Many organizations committed the error a couple of years back of capitulating to an offer of thousands of links for a low price. Presently, with different updates made by the search engine to stop what they see as “web engine spamming,” sites with huge amounts of low quality links indicating them are seeing their rankings drop or vanish completely. Google says if your site is being hurt by links you don’t specifically control, “You should…make each push to tidy up unnatural links indicating your site.” As a matter of final resort, you can disavow those links.
  • Bad Hosting: Change to a low quality hosting organization, or an organization whose server farm isn’t in the perfect place to give quick page load to your web page visitors, and you can end up with user behavior on your site that tells search engines they should rank other websites before yours. The solution is to ensure the majority part of your site visitors have a quick, smart ordeal on your site by hosting the webpage in close proximity to your visitors, where possible, and paying enough to have your website on a server that isn’t bogged down with 5,000 other websites.
  • Google Updates: A large number of PhDs are utilized at Google attempting to enhance their search algorithm. The algorithm is refreshed many times in a year, with some of those updates being substantial and troublesome, while most are minor in effect. The bigger updates normally get some kind of animal themed name, for example, Penguin, Panda, or Hummingbird. The point is, when Google makes an update, it changes rankings negatively for the websites that aren’t in compliance. To stay away from death by Google refresh, take after the Google Webmaster Guidelines as best practices, and connect with just in white hat SEO strategies.


Above are the some major tips to protect your site from getting low rank in search engine result. Suggest your view to get better protection for your site from low ranking in the given below comment box.


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