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Deciding Between Security Camera and Security Guard

Not so long ago, the best and the only way to protect your property were to employ security guards. High-level of security translated into an increase in the number of security guards.

However, technological advancements have shown a great impact not only on people’s thinking, but also on the way security can be realized. Nowadays, people are more inclined towards capitalizing on the technology with security gadgets being no exception. People have a tendency to explore the latest models of each gear and security camera is one of them.

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The time we are living in is a time where criminals are becoming clever & sharp-witted and crime rate is skyrocketing. And, their major targets are mostly businesses. From physical assets to valuable information, everything is at risk. Business or home, you are always on a look out to keep your place fully secured. The motive is to find ways to decrease the degree of risk and enhance the level of protection.

One perfect way, undoubtedly, is a surveillance system. But, that does not mean that age-old method of employing watchman has lost its worth. So, in case you need to choose between the two, scroll down to read and make a choice:

Watch keepers are employed to guard the interiors and exteriors of your abode and workplace. The reason they are hired is that firstly, they protect your valuables and secondly, they make security apparently visible to the trespassers. The prime objective to hire them is to scare away the burglars and criminals and to nip the evil in the bud. Once a cracksman knows that the property is being monitored, he will think twice before stepping in and would probably shift their plans for some other location.

Besides, over a period of time, it has been observed that security cameras also play a major role in preventing crime. To tell the truth, some studies have even proved that the cameras are more efficient, as multiple locations can be monitored at the same time by a single person. Moreover, it is difficult to fool these gadgets. As a matter of fact, surveillance cameras provide a consistent protection compared to sentinels. These hawk-eyed cameras neither face any health issues, nor does their interest slackens. They don’t go on holidays, or fall asleep while at work and thus, are a very reliable source for 24*7 protection.

Security cameras keep a constant watch on the vulnerable areas and provide an impartial account that can stand up in the court of law (better than a lot of eyewitnesses). A beholder’s memory (watch keeper) of a particular event can sometimes be inaccurate and can be clouded by the stress of the moment, but surveillance systems provide authentic and apt information.

These cameras offer ‘blanket coverage’ as they can be installed into every corner of the property, providing the complete visual coverage at all the times. Whereas a single watchman can’t cover the whole property and you would need many to secure your premises completely.

While comparing between a security guard and a security camera, besides your personal preferences, budget plays an important role in making the choice! If nothing much is at risk or you trust human brains more than anything else, then you may go with the conventional option. If you decide to go with a security guard, there are many vendors where you can receive a quote on security that fits your budget. And, if you are a tech-savvy guy, you might only position surveillance camera system at your place. However, if your budget allows and you are looking for a higher level of protection, then, you might like to go for both. Although, the facts show that if a person has to settle down on any one of the option, they’d prefer to go with cameras, but still the choice is absolutely yours!

Just relax, give it a thought and select the one that suits you the best!


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