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5 reasons why WordPress is the best platform for your business website

With the ever-growing presence of technology and the online format, more and more companies nowadays are looking to improve their presence in the digital world.

If you are a small business and are looking at keeping up with competitors with a well designed new website then WordPress is a great platform to get started. It is widely used across the world to run business websites and this is reflected in the astounding 126 million unique visitors it receives every month, which is considerably more than Amazon’s figure of 96 million. What’s even more astonishing is that the company employs a mere 229 people, compared to Amazon’s 88 000!

But that’s enough of the facts and figures, here’s a few of the compelling reasons why WordPress is the best for your business.

Easy to set up – Easy to manage

First things first, it’s an unconditionally free service. Secondly, it’s refreshingly easy to use. You don’t have to be able to develop code or know the Internet inside out. It takes five minutes to set up and anyone can do it.

Due to its popular nature as a Content Management System (CMS), WordPress automatically updates its software in order to minimise cyber attacks. Plus, it will always inform you whenever there are themes and plugins updates. Therefore you will always be on the most up-to-date software ensuring a safe and secure system.

WordPress plugins make for a professional design

There are a huge number of professional quality themes and plugins available that add functionality to your website and demonstrate a specialised design. For example, make your WordPress site even more secure with BackupBuddy. This plugin allows you to easily setup an automatic backup schedule for your website through the Cloud. With a few quick clicks you can customise your website to function exactly the way you would like.

Search engine friendly

WordPress has a very simple, easy to navigate code for search engines, making it easy for them to read and record a website’s content. Plus, your posts and images can their own tag keywords, description and title allowing for very targeted search engine optimisation.

A website can also be made even more search engine friendly by using WordPress SEO plugin Yoast SEO. Whilst taking care of all the technical optimisation work, it also focuses on improving your content by making you select a keyword for your articles and encouraging you to use that focus keyword everywhere to boost your website up the search engine rankings. Remember, improving your websites ranking on search pages is essential if you want to increase your online traffic.

Be part of the WordPress community

Because WordPress is so popular, it has established an ever-growing community of users that exchange ideas and provide support in return for use of its free service. WordPress’ millions of users have created a well-established support forum where countless queries and troubleshoot problems are solved.

Additionally, you can gain more traffic to your website by sharing your blog posts on social media networks and learning more about your industry through the well connected forums.

It’s advancing everyday

Because WordPress is an open source, any developer can modify the source code and improve the user experience. And given the massive, generous software community that the website titan has created, not to mentioned the effective well-maintained support forums there is no shortage of developers looking to achieve this.

So the future is bright for WordPress, and its multitude of users.


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