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Top 5 Free Tools for Creating Infographics

Infographics are great! They help us to both digest and communicate complex information in a creative, visual format which is easy to understand. Although some of the infographics you see online may appear to require complex insider graphic design knowledge the development of free user-friendly tools means that even the most inexperienced of us can create an infographic in a short space of time – and without getting a headache in the process.

Here are 5 of the best free tools online for creating infographics that will help your message pop!


Canva’s drag and drop infographic tool is, in their words ‘ridiculously easy to use’. There are plenty of different templates to choose from and you can also create and save your own. With everything set up to accommodate the inexperienced designer you really can focus on deciding how you want your infographic to look. There is a large library full of images for you to work with, some are premium and come at an extra cost, but there should definitely be enough free ones to get you started. You don’t need to download any software and Canva provide loads of tutorials to show you how to get started.


Piktochart is another great option for creating infographics. Where Canva charges for premium elements, Piktochart offers paid subscriptions which are quite pricey. For free you can access their database of over 4000 images, create unlimited amounts of infographics and download or share them in their original size. The editor is fully available for free, there aren’t any functions which are restricted which is nice and the user interface is very simple to navigate. Everything you need to create a design that is uniquely yours is included, although the templates available on the free option are limited.


Visme is a tool which again provides a free option in addition to three different types of subscription. The basic subscription is free while the standard option currently comes in at $7 per month and the advanced option which gives access to all the features is more expensive. The basic option, which we are concerned with here, gives you access to a vast library of images and fonts although each design you create will retain the Visme logo embedded in it. You can only store three projects in your account at any one time and the widgets available for infographics are limited.

easelly is a free tool which has just one upgrade option, currently priced at just $3. They boast that they have thousands of templates for you to choose from that include options for reporting and building resumes. If you prefer you can start from scratch yourself. There aren’t as many options for editing your designs as some of the other tools listed here, but with as a low price option it is quite good. They also explain why infographics are such a good idea.


From Google Developers Google Chart Tools allows you to create visually appealing infographics for free. Charts are naturally what chart tools do best, but they do give a range of chart types which are highly customizable. As you are dealing with Google here you can expect the usual user-friendly interface and user guides which makes for a hassle free experience.

Why not experiment and see how you can create a unique, artistic diagram for your next project for free? These are just a few of the most widely used infographic tools available. There are others we have not mentioned. Comment below and let us know which infographic tool is your favorite.


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