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What Content Marketers Need to Know about SE

With the growing web world, content marketing has become an invincible part of any business. While on one hand we have business houses looking for the qualified Content Marketers, on another hand we have the latter looking for the better ways to rule the Search Engines (SE). Here I’ll be sharing the primary knowledge that any content marketer needs to know about SE. However before moving ahead let us first get a brief idea about:

What is Content Marketing?

What is content marketing? The question still haunts even those who are into content marketing, but are trying to find the better boulevard over their journey to rule the search engines.

It is basically strategy based marketing with a primary intention to deliver content, that is, valuable, relevant, high-end and focused.

What Content Marketers Need to Know about SE

How to be an effective Content Marketer?

Here we are with our question for the day. Besides the above mentioned points in the definition, there’s another aspect that a content marketer needs to know. I’m talking about the search engines. Let us have a look at the five major things that content marketers need to know about SE:

  1. Keywords: The first and foremost requirement I would say is the keyword research. An effective content marketer needs to familiarize himself with the basic keyword tools. There are numerous tools available online, both free and paid. You can use any of them to efficiently use keywords in your content.
  2. Bridge the gap: Being a content marketer, you aren’t just supposed to deliver content, but make sure that it is in line with the marketing goals. Juggle the words and the thoughts and come out with a content that commendably portrays your marketing goals without snatching the essence of language and the flow.
  3. Interlink: Believe me it matters. Keep them engaged inside with the relevant links. But make sure that the links you are providing are relevant to the content and not simply intend to roll around the individual.
  4. It should be scan-able: A good content in one which can be scanned easily. With ‘scan-able’ I don’t mean the one with the machine but through your eyes. It is noted that most of the time people do not have enough of time. This is the moment they began to scan the content. Give the points and bullets and highlight the important information. With this you can easily convey the message even to those who don’t go through your entire content.
  5. Be precise but not miser: Writing content measuring 1500-2000 words, or rather let us say narrating an entire saga is no where a smart step. Be to the point with your content keeping in mind you don’t lose the grip over the language, flow and the information you want to deliver. However, I know where want you to be miserly. A perfect content marketer is one who knows well, when to, where to and how to use his words.

Out of the list, I could find these as what I believe content marketers need to know about SE. However, we can confine all these in two words; be smart and write like a reader.


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Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing & have a passion for technology. She currently writes for Intellipaat. She is based out of Bangalore & has an experience of 5 years in the field of content writing. Her work has been published on various sites related to Hadoop Training, IT and more.

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