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Servers.com Partners With Scott Storch’s Record Label

This year’s Game Developers Conference, the world’s largest and longest running game industry event, aimed specifically for professionals in this field, was held last week on San Francisco (California), and it was place to an important announcement: Servers.com established a partnership with the record label of the famous producer Scott Storch.

These news have been confirmed by Storch himself, saying:

“Being in the music industry for over 20 years, I know that success always goes hand in hand with passion and ability to reach to your audience. It’s hard to imagine the latter one without Internet. And I have found Servers.com, the guys, who are passionate about all this high-tech thing just as me and my team are passionate about our music. I am determined to drive my production company and recording label to the highest level of success, and partnerships with real professionals – like this one – is an important step in making sure that not only the core of our business – the music itself – but every its aspect is at the state-of-the-art level.”

This partnership offers the producer and his record label the chance to save and secure the data using the services offered by Servers.com. Storch’s label and production company work together with famous musicians from different styles, such as rap, hip-hop and pop, and they are interested in sustainable and secure data protection options for music, videos, web sites, and so on.

On behalf of Servers.com, COO Nick Dvas commented this partnership:

“We at Servers.com with over 10 years of experience in IT technologies are proud to provide our clients with reliable and secure data storage what nowadays is the cornerstone for most businesses. (…) We have set up close links with game industry community, and have established a consequential long-term partnership with famous record producer Scott Storch. This partnership is important for our Company and we hope this in the aggregate with our conference achievements is the gateway for further successful cooperation.”

This partnership is a clear example on how cloud storage options are taking an important stance in terms of data storage, being sought for several different kinds of niches, including the music industry.

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