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Ecwid’s Jumpstart, the Only Private-Label e-Commerce Partner Program

Ecwid Inc., the company behind the only e-commerce app that allows retailers to add, to any existing site, a complete online store in just a few minutes, is now announcing the launch of a revolutionary partner program, which is the first and only to enable businesses and companies like agencies, developers and all web professionals to offer a powerful and flexible e-commerce solution to small businesses using their own branding, pricing and billing.

The Jumpstart Reseller Program allows the aforementioned people and business to develop and/or sell their own e-commerce product, making it possible for them to offer a private-branded e-commerce platform compatible with any web presence, something that was absolutely nonexistent before.

With this program, these businesses will now be able to sell their e-commerce solution under their own brand, with a price chosen by them and using their own billing, thus controlling the customer relationship from start to finish. All the technical aspects, such as system upgrades, releases of new features and security, are assured by Ecwid, making everything much easier for these businesses and their clients.

Ecwid is used by more than 900,000 retailers in 175 countries and 45 languages, and works on several different platforms, being also the most popular shop builder application on Facebook. According to Jim O’Hara, President of Ecwid:

“Web agencies and developers are the backbone of our industry in terms of helping small businesses get online successfully. These partners have deep relationships with business owners, and want to maintain end to end control of the services they provide, not just relinquish their valuable customers to third parties in return for a modest referral fee. The Jumpstart Reseller Program delivers the first and only private-label e-commerce solution built for web professionals of all types and sizes, enabling them to retain their own branding, pricing and billing and preserve the close bond they have built with their small business customers.”

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