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Points those make Sony Xperia Z4 a hot topic so far

There are many fans struggling to bag a Z3 device, talks about Z2 has not stopped yet, but the discussion has already begun about the next name in Z line-up from Sony, the Xperia Z4. Most of the buzz points it to be carrying a QHD display. Let’s have a look at the hot discussions so far about the Z4.


The Social media claim makes it encouraging for fans:

Though Sony managed the business, but to be honest, the Xperia Z3 was not the flawless as a flagship. Recently a rumour has surfaced from a strong source through a popular social platform that claims the Xperia Z4 to be simply a fabulous stuff. Though nothing was made too apparent about the specs through the platform, but it indicates the Xperia Z4 to boast at least QHD display. Best part is that it absolutely rubbishes the possibility of 1080p display.

Talking about the processor, the Z4 should not pack anything under Snapdragon 810. However, there are some other sources as well those still believe 1080p is going to repeat again with the upcoming Z4.

4k or 2k:

Anyway, Sony has been quite in news for 4K video. And at the same time, Z3 or any other from Z line-up have not shows the class the way it was buzzed earlier. Good to see that the fans have still the faith on Sony’s class and wait to see the actual 4K standard with the upcoming Xperia Z4.

But, we guess it comes with 2k display as this is what going to be the fundamental spec with maximum flagships in next year. Most of the known names have shows indication on this regard as well. This is the reason that makes the 4 K possibilities more solid. In this contemporary market situation you need to show something unique. Hence, the 4K possibly is the card that Sony has aimed to display in right time as its suitable answer for the rivals.

It was unfortunate:

Though there was a lot in terms of performance to be improved with the Z3, still all were manageable. But, in case of the keypad the impression is simply blank. Most importantly, this is not the case that a flagship device should show the lacuna. With the upcoming Xperia Z4 it should improve the standard.

Price: It’s always tricky

Price has been always the issue for a smartphone. A buyer can excuse many flaws for this single point. In addition, the competitors try to be distinguishing from others on this regard. The specs of most of high-end devices are remaining of the same standard these days. This is the reason that makes the manufacturer scratch their brain a little more regarding price.

Most probable tag for Xperia Z4:

Talking about the Xperia Z4, it has shown enough indications to be a truly high-end thing. At least, you can say it is going to be much enhanced than the Z3. Apparently, the Z4 will carry a heavier tag than its predecessor.

Speculations are being made about this by many. But we must consider the analysts those predict it to be carrying a price of £550 off contract.

The prediction certainly has some weight simply if you take in to account the price of Z2 that is still around £400. Anyway, you can leave your guess about price in comments.

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