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Galaxy S5, Note 4, all power for Samsung Galaxy S6 making it a perfect stuff

The South Korean giant is having a unique and overwhelming reputation of marketing its devices. However, this time around it is getting much more insistent. Interestingly, the champ has made it certain to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 prior the speculated date. The reason is too apparent even to be predicted by a school going kid that it’s nothing but an attempt to hamper in some way or the others the buzz around latest iPhone 6 from its biggest rival Cupertino.

Anything to win the race:

At the same time it doesn’t even mind to sacrifice some fuss around another of its much hyped product Samsung Galaxy 5. A few days ago, the Galaxy 5 was presented to be the best smartphone of the year. At present, Sammy is even ready to make the Galaxy Note 4 available in the stores prior the locked dates.

No stone remains unturned for Galaxy S6:

In fact, the company is looking intentional on passing all those buzz around Galaxy S5 towards the successor Galaxy S6. On the other hand, we have to admit that the Galaxy S6 is certainly the complete package how it is described. News coming that even Galaxy S6 might hit the shelves prior the anticipated dates being available like a perfect New Year gift.

Concept image promises a great design:


A lot of interest is being shown around its ultimate design though nothing has been said officially. However, a concept image has arrived apparently of Samsung Galaxy S6 making it more interesting. According to the image, this latest S line-up device from Samsung is going to pack a comparatively more rectangular shape, and will have a pretty trimmed chassis.

Metal Casing, improved snapper, and a trimmed shape:

Point to be marked is that Samsung this time makes a nice blend of the design concepts bringing some concepts from the Galaxy Note 4. In terms of snapper, there is a square shaped zone is made available. Good news for the fans is that the Galaxy S6 is expected to be carrying a whooping 20 MP shooter providing a strong reply for the competitor iPhone 6. Even the GALAXY Note 4 is expected to boast only 16 MP main end snapper. There is going to be the metal casing available, and Galaxy S6 is certainly following the latest trend of slim shape.

The stupendous specs:

Talking about the specs, the Galaxy S6 is definitely having a catch line-up. It’s going to be packing a 5.2 inch display with 1440 x 2560 pixels resolution. Talking about the processor, though Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core rotating at 2.5 GHz mated with 3 GB RAM is the most efficient combination at present, still buzz is that the south Korean giant is expected to be making it even bigger leaving no stone unturned.

Nothing else, S6 to play with Android L and enhanced chipset:

Talking about the processors, rumours were flying that Galaxy S6 will be the first high-end device not to come with the very popular Androids. But, recently a top official has rubbished any sort of claims like this. Being specific, the Galaxy S6 is expected to be playing with the latest Android L.

The best part of the concept image is that it has made a nice comparative analysis of Galaxy S6 with its predecessors.

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