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Why Is Lockscreen Software Very Important for Your Business?

The first thing that usually appears before the eyes of your office workers is the computer lock screen. A user enters a login and password and proceeds directly to work tasks. This is what happens in many companies. But what if important, useful, or motivating information directly related to the activities of your organization appears first instead of a standard screen with password fields?

Such an option does not require long and complex implementation processes. Just use a simple lock screen tool, and receive a message from the leader, press center, or group manager instead of a traditional splash screen and lock window.

How Do Splash Screen Notifications Help Your Business?

You should consider the feature of notifications on the lock screen due to the following reasons.

Get in the mood for work. Every employee comes to work with a pile of personal problems in mind. That is why the working day in many companies begins with coffee with colleagues and making plans. This helps to enter the working rhythm, switch to solving the company’s tasks, and concentrate on them as much as possible. A welcome window with the latest company news, important notices, or wishes for employees will help you get ready for work.

  • Motivate the team for new achievements. Tell us about the main achievements of the past month, week, or workday in notifications. These data will become a benchmark by which employees will be aligned.
  • Rally the team. Team building has become an integral part of corporate culture as soon as a direct link between the atmosphere in the team and the productivity of employees was discovered. Notifications on the computer screen created using lock screen tools are another mechanism for creating a friendly environment and an atmosphere of mutual assistance in solving work issues.
  • Talk about the main thing. Notifications that appear on the screen before turning on the computer are something that cannot be missed. If you have important news, innovations, and useful but not urgent information that needs to be conveyed to everyone, create such mailing lists, and your colleagues are guaranteed not to miss anything.
  • Remind them of rules or routines. When a person is 100% immersed in work, he/she may forget to open mail or instant messengers. If there are changes in your routine, tell about them in the notification on the PC screen. This information will definitely not be missed or lost in an array of other messages.

The cohesive and well-coordinated work of the team is made up of various factors. On-screen notifications aren’t the foremost among them, but this versatile, useful tool is at your fingertips, which you can use to your advantage, no matter what you do.

Benefits of Such a Solution

Computer screens in your organization become a powerful and efficient channel for internal communication, which is the main value of programs for creating and distributing such notifications.

  • You can send any content: text or visual.
  • The administrator can quickly change messages and tell about new projects, events, important initiatives in time or, for example, congratulate everyone at the end of the working week.
  • Notifications are clearly visible, and you have a 100% guarantee that every employee will be aware of the information provided even before one starts working at the computer.
  • Users receive notifications automatically in a visually appealing and readable format.
  • The information does not interfere with the work of employees and does not distract them from solving important and urgent tasks.

Use lock screen tools as an additional corporate communication channel, tell about interesting news or incidents, create countdowns and event reminders, and take communication to a new level. You have a simple and effective tool for creating and maintaining corporate culture, and this solution will please both you and your employees.

If you find it hard to believe that everything works so fantastic, try the tool in a demo mode, collect the first results and impressions of your team, and you will see that all these benefits are designed just for you!


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