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What Are the Benefits of Password Management Apps?

In this digital and technological era, we need passwords to protect our data and information from cyber threats.

 And hence, password protection and management have become another critical concern. Considering which password keeper app role has become pre-eminent.

The majority of us always face the dilemma of setting passwords for the apps as they always demand strong passwords. Thus, we end up mounting some difficult passwords which we ultimately forget most of the time.

  Importance Of Password Managers

There are various advantages to using an online password keeper application:

  • The password protection apps or services work on any device. It is accessible on any device like mobiles, laptops, desktop computers, etc. These applications sync the passwords in all devices which reduces the hindrance of remembering the password and applying it. 
  • These apps lessen the chances of setting the same passwords for various platforms and sites on the internet. Most people usually use the same or similar passwords which increase the chances of hacking or theft of our data and information.  
  • These apps suggest strong and secure passwords for us at different sites. The passwords we set mostly have weak characters which are very easily recognizable, but the applications set strong passwords that go in a click of a button. This feature reduces the user’s drawback of setting strong passwords.
  • The password keeper app stores and manages various passwords at a single location which helps the user to get the password in logging into different platforms. Some applications also provide the facility of storing passwords of banking details and even credit card information.
  • Many of the time we set passwords for logins and we forget it or we don’t note it done somewhere. And that’s when we use the ‘forget password’ service provided by the sites. This is a very time-consuming activity so in such situations, password keeper apps help us.
  • It removes the issue or risk of a data breach. The phishing or hacking of the data in our system gets easier with a weak or common password, especially in companies or organizations. 

Role Of Password Manager Application

Password managers are applications that generate complex and quirky passwords for various sites and locations. And then, store them together and automatically enter them with a click of a button. 

These are extensions of the browser which fill out the already set logins and passwords on behalf of the user. 

This has removed the problem of the users remembering a number of passwords rather than remembering a single master password. 

The various password managing apps we find on the internet are:-

  • Lastpass
  • Dashline
  • Nordpress 
  • Keepass
  • Zoho Vault 
  • Avira password manager
  • Myki
  • Password-safe
  • Enpass
  • Bitwarden

Limitations of  Password Managers

As we already understand that everything in this world has two sides of the coin. Wherever there are advantages, there are disadvantages. Even after we specify the most important benefits of the password keep the app, we should also be well aware of its limitations:

Password managers store the numeral password of an organization or an individual in a single location which requires a master password to crack into it. Sometimes it becomes easier for the hackers to crack this password and enter the prime location of the password.

  • The hacker can use a keystroke-logger program to capture all the information of the user without his prior knowledge.
  • Sometimes these password manager applications are very expensive for individuals.

Do We Always Need A Password Manager?

With the development of technology, there is also an increase in the rate of malicious activities happening online. So, it is very important to protect our data and information from the hand of threats.

 Passwords play a vital role in securing our data. So, we must use password managers to protect our passwords and get better access to them. 


To summarize, we can say that passwords are crucial in our digital world. And it’s important to keep our passwords safe and prevalent from all threats. So, we must frequently update our password at variable sites and take access to a password manager which is the most ideal way to secure our password.

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