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What Is Cloud Integration And Why Does It Matter?

Don’t understand what cloud computing is or why your company needs it? Let us explain it for you.

Cloud computing has been taking the world by storm over the last few years, but the reality is that it’s just another overcomplicated industry buzzword. Cloud computing refers to any data that our companies process off-site, using the power of computers. So, when you send an email? Cloud computing. When you store data in the Drive or use Google Docs? Cloud computing. When you send off your payroll information to another department? Cloud computing. You get the idea.

Cloud computing is so widely used that half the time we don’t even realize we are using it. It has become an integral part of the digital business. It is the backbone of every online transaction… but it’s also incredibly messy.

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Cloud Computing is Messy

It is. When you start layering up all your internet processes on top of one another, it becomes hard to find things. If you think of your business’s interactions with the digital world as one large filing cabinet, it makes it easier to understand.

If you have a giant filing cabinet that has one file added every time a person interacts with cloud computing, you end up with more files than you can safely store. If you think of your computer as the cabinet, you start to understand why cloud computing is messy. Each process stacks on top of the last, running multiple processes slows everything down and, if your hardware can’t cope, you risk frying the system. The digital equivalent of tossing in a match, watching it burn, and starting again.

Cloud computing is messy. You start by having email hosted on the Microsoft server and end up with 22 tabs running simultaneously on a computer that was only ever built to handle four or five. Of course, the more pressure you add, the slower your computer gets. Imagine this on a companywide level and you see businesses struggling to maintain any kind of productivity at all.

Understanding Cloud integration

What is cloud integration? Cloud integration is the ability to condense all of these individual processes down into one handy package. Cloud integration usually operates by adding a platform to your system. A platform is like a digital workspace that specifies in one particular thing. In this case, aligning all those cloud-based services into one place so it’s not as messy as it was.

Cloud integration packages work best if they start small. Open the platform and integrate one or two processes, then slowly add things as time goes on. This helps you to make sure you don’t miss any programs or files, while also making sure you don’t overwhelm your employees.

It is only through cloud integration that you can fully harness the potential of a cloud computing-based office environment. Using these methods, you could create a fully remote workspace that lets you save profits by ditching the old buildings. It presents a world of opportunity for businesses. You’d be a fool not to take advantage.

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