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Tips to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Retail Store

Be it a salon, a boutique, or a jewelry store, all of them have been facing some kind of recession recently. Especially with the advent of the pandemic, many people prefer to shop online or get services through the online portal. It created a significant gap between people and their intention to shop in physical stores. 

But What Does Foot Traffic Mean in a Retail Store?

It is the number of people that are present in your store at any given time. Analyzing the foot traffic gives you immense information about buyers’ interests. Insights like marketing strategies success rate, people’s interest in specific products, staffing needs, consumer psychology, etc. You can calculate the foot traffic by sensors and other technologies or through CCTV surveillance.

Here are some of the tips to help you improve your store’s foot traffic,

Go Online

The very first point seems fishy when there is such a detailed explanation about physical shopping! Here’s the thing, every store – big or small – has an online presence. So, go ahead and create those accounts on the platforms that resonate best with your business. The next best idea is to keep sending them emails and newsletters!

And whenever they shop online, offer the audience to pick it up from the store or provide a walk-in discount to encourage them to visit. Find potential clients and keep sending them these offers regularly through emails. And searching the email address of new clients has also become easy with email search engines like

Protip: Use this freemium website to search an email address of any potential and get instant results! This AI-powered tool can manage to fetch hundreds of emails and validate them within minutes. It comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account so, finding email contacts on the professional media also becomes easy!

The Store’s Makeover

Any passerby would love to pay a visit to the well-maintained and neatly lit store. You might not be able to distinguish much because you’ve been coming to this place every day. So, give yourself a creative exercise by visiting the neighborhood places. And when you come back and look at your store, you will have enough ideas to improve it.

It need not be a pricey affair. Add some sandwich stands with some quirky welcome message or a creative line that expresses your special product. Apart from improving the curb appeal, it will also attract customers. Provide additional services for free while they shop to improve your chances.

The Employees

Employees are the front runners of your business. They are the face and mouth of your brand. So you need to ensure that they are up to date with skills. Selling needs persuasive skills along with the ability to handle any situation smoothly. Train the workforce with excellent communication and customer service skills.

They should be as interested in the business as you are. So offer them incentives and additional perks for better sales. Keeping the force motivated is the key to improving foot traffic. Prepare the employees with enough understanding that no customer will be the same.

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