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8 Cool Apps You Didn’t Know Existed (And Need Right Away)

It’s hard to imagine how the generations before us managed to get anything done without the constant assistance of smartphones. Earlier, you had to ask random strangers on the road for directions or figure it out yourself with an old-school map. And now, we have a navigation person on our phone telling us the best way to reach anywhere.

TikTok star Addison Rae perfectly put it, ‘Where there is a will, there is an app.’ While you might already have a suite of popular apps on your phone, we’re sharing some lesser-known apps that you didn’t know existed. Take a look.

1. Keep Plants Alive

Keeping plants alive is not easy, especially when it comes to indoor plants. Have you spent hundreds of dollars on plants only to watch them die? Well, we’ve got just the app you need. Planta is a plant-care app that provides you all the information you need to keep your flora happy and healthy. From analyzing your home’s lighting to reminding you when to water plants, it does it all.

2. Easily Dispute Traffic or Parking Tickets

Getting parking or a traffic ticket doesn’t just cost money but can also add points to your license. If you received an unjust ticket, get it conveniently dismissed with a traffic ticket app. WinIt is an app that allows you to dispute traffic and parking tickets. And you have to pay 50% of the fine as fees only if the ticket is totally dismissed.

3. Answer to Nature Calls

Nature doesn’t care if you are in a busy street or in the middle of nowhere. Flush is a must-have app for bathroom emergencies. This app allows you to easily find nearby public toilets. You should definitely download the app if you are traveling to an unfamiliar city.

4. Become an Early Riser

Waking up early doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Are you guilty of turning off your alarm without even realizing it? You need to download Alarmy immediately. This is the perfectly annoying app that won’t turn off the alarm until you get out of bed to take a picture of something specific.

Walkie is another app that treads a very fine line between genius and creepy. With this alarm clock app, you will receive a call from a complete stranger at your scheduled time. A personal human alarm clock!

5. Find Sustainable Beauty Products

If you are trying to be more sustainable, it’s time to take a look at your makeup bag. Many beauty and skincare products are guilty of using ingredients that are harmful to our planet. Unfortunately, the beauty industry is not well-regulated but Think Dirty can help you identify unsustainable products.

6. Tie Knots Like a Boy Scout

Whether you are going camping or trying to set up a marquee in your backyard, knowing how to tie different styles of knots can be incredibly helpful. Animated Knots by Gorg is an app that will guide you through tying different knots for camping, sailing, and other applications.

7. Never Miss a Movie Because You Had to Pee

We’ve all gulped down large cokes and finished most of the popcorn even before the movie starts. But how do you go to the bathroom without missing the movie? RunPee tells you the best time to dash out to use the bathroom. Additionally, the app also gives a detailed synopsis of what you missed so you can keep up with the plot.

8. Catch Up on Reading

Are you unable to carve the time to tackle your growing pile of books to be read? Use BookNotes to keep up with your annual reading list. This app summarizes books into 15-minute text and audio summaries. This is also a great app to determine if a book is worth reading.

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