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Using the IPXO Platform to Offset Carbon Footprint and Save Money

Set up in 2019, the Internet Protocol Exchange Organization or IPXO is a unique advancement in the global internet landscape. It is a platform where businesses will be able to rent out unused IP addresses that they have in store. Businesses will also be able to use the IPXO platform to lease IP addresses directly from the providers. It is a solution that was set up to streamline and facilitate the redistribution of IP addresses. Today, more than 820 million IPv4 addresses are being held by large corps. IPXO’s main goal is to close the gap between demand and supply.

What Is the IPv4 Scarcity?

In 2011, the regulatory body IANA allocated the last 16.7 million IPv4 addresses. There are no more address blocks that IANA can grant to the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). This has led to an acute shortage in IPv4 addresses – since most addresses are lying unused by big corps. IPv6 penetration and rollout have been very slow, which has led to an increased demand for functioning IPv4 addresses. The most effective solution to this problem is to set up an IP market and redistribute the addresses. That’s exactly what IPXO is doing.

The Green Benefits of IPv4 Leasing

Many businesses want to buy IP addresses, but they get discouraged when they realize how high the prices are. In this kind of situation, leasing or renting IP addresses from renters is the most cost-effective idea. The internet is one of the reasons behind greenhouse emissions, as a lot of coal and gas are burnt to power servers and other network infrastructure. By sitting on unused IP addresses, large corporations are contributing hugely to global warming. IPv4 addresses lying dormant and unused continue to waste a huge amount of energy on an annual basis.

IPXO comes to the rescue in this situation by incentivizing these businesses not to sit on their unused addresses. Governmental regulation can’t really do much here unless the businesses themselves take some kind of action. Providing unused addresses on lease by using the IPXO platform will allow the businesses to offset their carbon footprint while setting up a steady stream of revenue. IPXO’s main aim is to democratize the marketplace and find a way to redistribute the millions of IP addresses that lie unused – too expensive to be purchased. This will also help in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

How Lessees Benefit From the IPXO Platform

Here are the main benefits that lessees will be able to enjoy by leasing IPv4 addresses instead of paying extravagant sums to purchase them. Keep reading to understand all of the major points that spell out the incredible influence of the IPXO platform.

Large Variety of Options: Using the IPXO platform, you will be able to find subnets that range from /8 to /32, depending on your requirements. You can browse, find and then order multiple IPv4 addresses from rent directly using the platform. The variety of IPXO is unmatched by anything else.

Integrate With IPAM: You can integrate the leased IPv4 addresses easily with your IPAM system. IPXO also has a sophisticated IPAM solution that you can use to control and manage all of your IP addresses. The IPXO IPAM system is intuitive, easy to deploy, and easy to use.

Cost-Effective Option: The scarcity of IPv4 addresses has led to a dramatic inflation in the price of addresses. For small businesses, buying an IPv4 address outright is a challenging task. IPXO offers addresses for rent at very affordable prices – which is a very cost-effective option that makes financial sense.

Reassignment & Geolocation: IPXO will also allow you to reassign the IPs that you have leased onto any network stack of your choice. This kind of flexibility is unheard of in the world of IPv4 addresses. You can also use IPXO’s platform to filter all available subnets based on geographical location.

Flexible Lease Options: The length of the address lease is very flexible, and IPXO will help to make sure that you find a plan that suits your needs. The flexible leasing options offered by IPXO will help you to lease IPv4 addresses and then renew them when you need to.

Automated Systems: Lastly, the major benefit of renting IPv4 addresses using IPXO is the enhanced level of automation. By making use of automation for the LOA and ROA protocols, the lease and transmission system has been streamlined and enhanced. You can reassign IPs to networks by using the automated system.

How Lessors Benefit from the IPXO Platform

If your business is currently sitting on unused IPv4 addresses, you should definitely offer them for lease on the IPXO platform. Here are the benefits that you will enjoy if you start to provide your unused addresses for lease on the IPXO platform.

Good Financial Return: By offering your unused IPv4 addresses on rent using the IPXO platform, you will be able to enjoy a good financial return. This is going to mean that you’ll receive a steady stream of revenue on a recurring basis. You can customize the lease price as you like.

Secure and GDPR Compliance: The IPXO IP marketplace is 100% compatible with all of the data protection regulations set forth by the GDPR laws. If you want a secure platform to lease out your IPv4 addresses on, then IPXO is the best choice. They have encryption standards in place also.

Reduce Blacklisting of IPs: IPXO also monitors the activities of the lessee, reducing the risk of bad traffic and blacklisting by a huge margin. The IP address that your company rents out will not be blacklisted and misused – as there is going to be constant vigilance by the IPXO platform.

Some Last Words

It can be safely said the IPXO platform is a novel idea that will allow your business to grow in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective manner. Irrespective of whether you are a lessor or a lessee, the IPXO platform will be able to meet all of your requirements in the best way possible.

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