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Considerations for Choosing a Hyper-V Backup and Cloud Solution Provider

In the natural world, every mango fruit grows on a mango tree. The same truth applies to the virtual world. In virtualized computer networks, all Hyper-V backup solutions are like mangoes growing on a tree called solutions or service providers. These partners are critical to your business data protection and survival in this information-dependent age.

As more businesses move their data storage “bankers” to the cloud, cloud service providers are becoming more indispensable. The reason is that losing your precious business data means you could be on the verge of closing shop.

Therefore, it’s imperative to choose your provider carefully. Otherwise, your cloud storage efforts could mean an in-house sellout. A competent and reputable provider will give you a competitive edge while a shoddy one will do just the opposite. So, here are the keys to choosing the right cloud storage service provider.

Choose the Right Solution for Your Business Needs

The ancients said that life comes in phases, and men come in sizes. This adage also applies to your choice for a cloud backup partner. You need to choose a company based on your current and future needs. Don’t choose a provider just because they are big. Instead, select them based on how much they can make you bigger as you continue using their solutions.

Also, look for the big ways the supplier can use to meet your needs without overstretching you beyond your current capacity. In other words, their platform should be scalable to accommodate your current needs.

Partnerships and Integrations

Your choice should also factor in the ease of integrating solutions in the company’s ecosystem. Look beyond just a handful of solutions you need at a time. Instead, consider how easily you can integrate other relevant solutions into their ecosystem, ensuring their monitoring and reporting tools are adequate and easy to integrate into your general management and reporting systems.

Don’t forget that the company you entrust with your cloud protection isn’t an island. Thus, it has other partners it works with, and their partnerships will affect you. So, check out who these partners are to be sure they are credible, competent, and reliable. Otherwise, if they don’t meet these criteria, their incompetence will affect you negatively. For example, if your potential supplier depends on a bogus supplier, they could disrupt their service delivery.

Reliability and Performance

You also have to test the potential cloud service provider based on their performance and reliability. Fortunately, you can use different methods to determine these qualities. First, you can check their performance against their SLAs for the last six to twelve months. A reliable and responsible supplier will either publish these details or give them upon request.

However, don’t use it as a standard for perfection because even the best providers have reasonable downtime. So, it’s not a matter of experiencing downtime or not. Instead, how fast the supplier deals with it matters.

Additionally, your potential supplier should show you a documented and robust process of handling abrupt and scheduled downtime. They have to show you plans and processes detailing how they communicate with clients during downtime. Their document should factor in areas, such as promptness and prioritization.

Data Policies and Protection

Lastly, factor in the supplier’s data policy and protection. Excellence in all the other areas is not enough if you can’t be sure that your data is secure. Therefore, you must see the potential of the cloud service provider’s security policies and data management. It must fully detail matters regarding data ownership or usage rights, privacy, access, jurisdiction, and location. These things need to be clear before you sign an agreement with them, including these terms in the service contract, so that you can hold them responsible.

Choosing a partner for your cloud data backup is critical since it can either accelerate or derail your data backup efforts. We hope you will capitalize on the insights we provided to make an informed choice worth your time and money.

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