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Published on February 26th, 2020 | by Bibhuranjan


7 Digital Marketing Secrets That You Should Know In 2020

With digital marketing becoming a household name, it is no news that every business is employing some methods and tactics to deliver on the digital front. According to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, online advertising will account for 49% of all global Ad Spend in 2020. However, along with popularity, online marketing also brings in confusion, frustrated customers, and confused audiences which, are not easy to manage.

If you open social media in today’s time, you might find at least one post where someone claims to be the internet Guru. While digital marketing has its numerous benefits, it does not change the game in a day. Marketing, which basically means converting the right kind of audience, takes time, and there is only so much a brand can do.

These digital marketing secrets are not “Instant hacks” or a shortcut, but are simply laid down facts that most marketers tend to ignore or fall behind. Let’s look at them.

  1. Social Promotions

    While Google Ads bring in a lot of customers and relevant audience, if targeted properly, there are paid social promotions too that one can spend on.
    I know what you’re thinking, and I agree. Facebook Ads do not bring in as much as you think you’ve spent on them. Even though they are cheap, I have seen people backing off after making a try.

    That’s a mistake. Facebook gives a lot of options to target audiences based on interests, areas, ages, and so on. Once failed, you can get up and try your luck again, and again. And when you hit that perfect spot, the benefits come pouring in. You can also make use of retargeting, a gem that people rarely use and double your returns while building a loyal customer base.

  2. Engage & Engage

    Have you ever followed a brand on social media that keeps posting their product image and nothing else?
    It is important to keep the conversation flowing, and there is nothing better than making your customers heard. From the latest Instagram challenge to twitter engagement, make sure you build your social media calendar around posts that educate and catch the eyeballs of the customers.

    There is a rule which is pretty popular among brands that are active on social media- it’s the 80/20 rule. 80% of the posts should be around user engagement, while the other 20% should be product marketing.

  3. Just Shoot it

    Content Marketing is the King, or so we have heard. But if you’ve followed the latest trend, the crown has been passed onto Video marketing. In the past one year, the difference between a good number of followers and scant engagement has been one viral video.

    I am not talking about Prank Videos, but from slime trends to satisfying videos, it won’t be rocket science to catch the attention of the user with vivid graphical content. Moreover, it has also been proved that Video garners much more user engagement than static images. As for assistance, you can find several Video Apps that can help you to make your content go viral.

  4. Influence with Influencers

    There is a reason why everyone wants to be an influencer, and not everyone can!
    People associate influencers with the expert of the market. So, if an influencer says this product or place is great, the world of social media believes it.
    That is why even big brands like One Plus and Marvel are signing up with influencers to market their products.
    There are influencers in every field, and you have to make use of them to make your brand reach to their fans. It’s the best tactic and sometimes is not even very heavy on the pocket.

  5. Brand Story

    People are always interested in listening to a good story. When you build a brand on emotion, work, and toil, it is given that you have a story behind it. More so, you can use your products or services to tell the stories of your customers. Buyers like the human touch of a brand, and it is more likely to stay in their minds. After all, that is what every company wants.
    Put your stories and your customer’s stories on your digital media & transform your online strategy.
    A great example is AirBnB that has revived its brand through customer Stories and Experiences.

  6. Motive

    Before you lay out your digital marketing strategy, or even contact a digital marketing agency, lay down your objective and goal. If you want more traffic to come on your website or more conversions, or you want people to fill up a specific form, etc.
    Once you know what you want, you can reverse engineer your way through how you want it.
    There is another important aspect that you need to make clear before putting it out to the world. That is – Call to Action. Make sure you have a clear call to action. Don’t clutter the page with multiple calls to actions, and it is a good tactic to highlight the call to action to grab people’s attention.

  7. Keep at it

    The fruits of online marketing takes time and patience. You have to be consistent at it before seeing any engagement or results.
    Consumers won’t trust your ad copies or your social media captions until they see that reflected on your goods and services. And building trust takes quite a lot of time. So keep yourself updated with the latest trends, keep running ads, and keep putting yourself on people’s feed until they start recognizing the name.

Before you put all your cards on the table, digital marketing is a risky thing. What works for one brand, fails for another. There is no correct way to do it, but we can use some little secretive help to boost sales!

I hope you found this worth your time. If you’ve doubts or queries, feel free to drop it in the comment section below.

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