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Published on January 5th, 2020 | by Ali Dino


Top-4 Analytics & Business Intelligence Trends For 2020

Today, many small organizations can analyze data at the level of large companies. Technology increasingly works for us and helps us to integrate with the market. Data analysis, influencing informed decisions of company owners, will help to better understand the market as a whole and customers in particular.

Let us turn our eyes to 2020 when data analysis reaches a new level and expands its already vast horizons of influence.

1. Automation

It is expected that in the near future, almost 50% of tasks using data can be automated. As a result, the companies’ productivity will improve, and analytics will be used even more. The pace of work on advanced analytics will also accelerate.

Today, there are other big data analytics solutions.

2. Self-Service will Increase

The emphasis is on the fact that a final consumer can create his own query in a database and get a response without an IT department. Both supplier and consumer companies acknowledge that flexibility is really needed as long as the problem of data retrieval exists. The company itself must ensure the proper management of data analysis, and the supplier must help technically.

3. AI along with Machine Learning

AI will be maximally involved in all areas, not just data analysis. AI should completely replace standard BI reports which use real-time updates in specific minispheres. Although AI will make many decisions automatically, the heads of companies will get a better understanding of the data and make important decisions after that.

4. Bots and Digital Staff 

A promising trend in the field of data analysis is robotization and an increase of virtual workers. Time-consuming routine issues of an office worker will be quickly and efficiently resolved by a smart bot that will search for files or manage workflows. It will offload employees and enable them to focus on more important work issues.

And if 2019 was a year of transformation, 2020 maybe a year of high-quality business intelligence automation. The market is changing, creating new opportunities for effective work with customers. Dramatic changes in the field of data analysis will soon change business processes again, leaving afloat those who can adapt and understand the prospects of modern analysis.

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