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SEO VS PPC: Which is the Best For Your Business Advertising

Let’s assume that you have a fantastic product or software that can change people’s lives. Maybe it can save lots of time or do something for a lower cost. Amazing right? But sadly, you don’t know how to advertise or aware of your product to your target users. Thousands of small business with mind-blowing ideas are failing to showcase their products to the right audience. If you are not reaching your target audience, it doesn’t matter how amazing your product is. That’s why you should opt for advertising. Latest, yes! Online advertising or Digital Marketing.

There are two unusual methods to advertise your product to the right user. One is PPC, and another is SEO. These two methods are quite useful for business. But how to determine which is better for your business? Which one can bring you, real user? So presenting usefulness of both so that you can evaluate SEO or PPC, else both?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization brings your content to the top of the search results for a specific search term. Your business intent people will click on those links and convert. This method will bring organic traffic and stay for long without fluctuation. But rank is stable, that’s not guaranteed. It’s up to your SEO methods.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click, is mostly you pay for the click you get by advertising your link, product, video or services in the search engine, or social media like Facebook and Twitter. You can mainly target to the users with similar interest to your product. If you don’t have good SEO wizard or you can’t wait to get organic traffic, for the instant user base, you can opt PPC method to Bring traffic.



  • PPC ads acquire almost the top 3 positions of search results. Research says top 3 paid result eat out 46% of the total traffic that keyword brings. These kind of ads are generally used by xxx, casino, and gambling platforms to attract its users to sign up on their platform.
  • On an average business makes 3$ per 1.6$ ads spend over PPC platforms.
  • Six hundred fifteen million devices use ad-blocker. Well, that’s utterly frustrating for an advertiser. Who is spending million rupees on ads but users do not see their advertisements?
  • PPC are a fast running method. Can become aware of your brand to the users 80% quickly in no time.
  • Already said SEO depends on many factors, how you organize the SEO method, sometimes also update. But PPC ads are free from all.


  • There are top 3 positions acquired by PPC ads in a search engine. However, almost 80% of users ignore PPC ads.
  • SEO traffic is the best traffic for content sites. PPC or social media ads can’t match it.
  • Overall, SEO traffic gets accumulated by many factors, but SEO drives 30% of traffic and 20% of revenues.
  • Many users can’t differentiate the paid ads Or organic link. However, 36.2% customer recognize paid ads. And believe in natural relationships.
  • For local business SEO traffic is like a diamond. 82% of people who searches for local business, either Call or visit the store in 24 hours. Additionally, local search is increased by 900% in the last two years.


Many factors are there to choose your ideal branding or traffic acquiring needs. You need to finalize which one is best for your business. If you can wait and invest and wants seamless transportation, then SEO is the option, else if you wish to quick traffic and have a high budget go for PPC. But it entirely depends upon your needs.

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