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Common Words Students Confuse On Term Papers

Term papers can be some of the most difficult projects to tackle during the school study session. They have to be written when many other things are demanding your attention. The standards expected from a student at this level are extremely high.

This is the kind of pressure that results in mistakes being made. Here is a list of some of the most common writing errors. Once you know that these writing problems are experienced by every student who has to complete a term paper to your deadline, you can become more aware of them when you do your read through and editing.

Their, There, They’re

Even professional writers make a mistake when they encounter this trio of words. Sometimes even autocorrect doesn’t pick up on it.

  • Their: Used in the instance when something belongs to someone, for example, “their suitcase.”
  • There: Used to denote a place or moment in time, for example, “over there.”
  • They’re: The contracted form of they are.

It is necessary to get these words right when you are writing a term paper, no matter how pressed you are for time when you are writing it. Reading and seeing these words mixed up are often construed by the reader that the writer is incompetent. Before you submit your term paper, check for any errors of this kind.

It’s, Its

This is another difficult grammatical error that many writers can get wrong. It is also a mistake that is often not picked up by spellcheck or other writing apps.

  • It’s: The contracted form of “it is” or “it has.”
  • Its: Denoting possession. It is the possessive pronoun of “it.”

Most people don’t have a problem with picking this up during the proofreading process. If it does slip through and make it onto the final term paper that is submitted, the chances are the reader will put it down to carelessness or a typo, not ignorance.

If this seems to start sounding like something you would prefer not to do, you are not alone. The research, writing, editing, and proofreading side of term papers can be very time consuming for any student who has a lot of stuff on their schedule. It’s also why custom writing services that offer term papers for sale are often the best option. They can have an original academic paper written and ready for you in time for your deadline.

From, Form

The chances of a spellcheck app or autocorrect picking up on the common “from/form” typo is zero. It is possibly the most common typo that any writer makes. It doesn’t only happen because of the speed with which the person is typing either.

Substituting the middle two letters in these words can happen at any stage of the writing process, not just when you are tired, and it’s late at night. The only way to check this letter swap error has not happened in your term paper is to have someone proofread it thoroughly for you.

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