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Best NAS for Plex Servers

If you are searching for the best NAS devices for PLAX servers in this year, let us assure you have definitely come to the right place. We will help you serve far better than a PC with our unique list. Most of the NAS devices these days allow you to access the internet from almost everywhere. So even if you are in some other part of the planet, you can have easy and quick access to the files.

NAS devices are not easy to find. In fact, the devices that are good are a little hard to find. Several people offer data storage opportunities in their home or offices. In short, there is no way to store all the important files. However, if you are wondering how you can pick the best devices, we can help you with all of it. Take a look at the post below to find out!

1. Synology DiskStation

If there is one product that will challenge all conventions, then it has to be this beauty. The D2187 is a brilliant product that allows all their users to fill up approximately 8 drive bays with no matter what they choose so that they can get the amount of storage they want. Apart from that, it performs perfectly. It is expandable and has an external drive called eSATA which works smoothly. Feature wise, the product is a quad core CPU, has a compatibility of approximately 18 drives and has an insanely good capacity.

2. WD My Cloud Mirror

If you are searching for a secure and easy backup or something that will last you for a very long period of time, you need WD My Cloud Mirror. This is undoubtedly the best unit that will back itself up. The capacity is great as it backs itself up. It also has an automatic backup, two important hard drives, a cloud mobile app and lots more. Since it gives you a 4TB, it gives you an easy-to-master control screen that is broad. It is perfect for your peace of mind and backs up the contents to your dropbox as well. In short, it is the best NAS for all the plex servers.

3. Buffalo LinkStation LS220D

If you are looking for a dual-bay NAS, this one could be helpful to you in so many ways. It offers you some great security features and has smartphone apps that make the configuration easy. It may lack some advanced features but has 2TB dual bay NAS which comes from Buffao, that company which makes TeraStation line instead of the advanced NAS units. The best selling point about this model is that it can be integrated directly with anything you want to download. Your computer does not have to be turned on. Like several people, you may stream it through many devices. The platform is agnostic and can be used in the server.

4. Western Digital DL4100

If you are looking for something that has an excellent backup and gives you a whole lot of variety, then this product would be perfect for you. Western Digital is small and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. It is easy to set up and might have a difficult web interface. In case you are searching for a NAS device that can help you manage your needs, the DL4100 could actually be helpful to you. One of the best and most important features of this device is the dashboard which gives users the options to use services that can let you back up your documents. A dropbox and box are also helpful. Apart from that, you can use email alerts and SMS which can fail for whatever reason. If we talk about the storage option, then it has approximately 4 different bays with a whole variety of choices and configurations.

5. Apple AirPort Time Capsule

Apple AirPort time capsule gives you an extensive option and is wireless. It has an amazing capacity and offers an easy backup, the printer as well as hard drive sharing which makes usage simple and easy. If you are looking for something that is extensive and gives you access to all disks in a remote manner, this could be a perfect product for you. Although the airport time capsule gives you a great experience, it also gives you many storage options such as 2 and 3TB. Although this happens to be entirely wireless, you don’t require it to be completely wireless. It can optimize your performance so that the wireless option does not stop you from accessing the files in any way. However, if you happen to be an Apple fan who does not like getting into details, this could be a great buy.

6. QNAP TS-251A

If you are looking for the best NAS for Plex Servers, this one could actually be beneficially for you. It has a remote file access and has several features. They might not expensive and come with various hard drives that can be installed. It has many features and doesn’t come with any of the hard drives being installed. You will also get Ethernet ports that can be taken care of. The QTS OS will allow you to easily install a whole chunk of apps, karaoke apps that will improve your flexibility. In short, NAS happens to give you a fantastic device that you have to buy so that the overall cost is being taken care of.

NAS devices are generally platform-agnostic. By that, we mean that they can work with almost any device. It does not really matter if you are running a Windows, Linux or macOS. You can find whatever device you might be working on and it will give you the results you are looking for. With that, we hope you have enjoyed reading our post! Do let us know your comments below. And if there any questions you have in mind, do not hesitate. We would love to give you our feedback and help you out with doubts and queries.

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