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Will increasing tablet users lead to death of laptop?

Over the past decade, the experience of personal computing has gone through various stages. Though desktops haven’t disappeared, they have been replaced by laptops in a significant number when it comes to various usage aspects. Now, it seems a growing number of tech-savvy users are even chucking the laptop in favor of its successor – the tablet. But is it a gimmick or truth? In this post, we’ve examined certain key factors to find out whether the laptops are here to stay for the coming years or will be replaced by tablets sometime soon.


For those who travel a lot, portability greatly matters. For instance, it’s quite hectic to carry a 4-12 pound laptop for a significant amount of time but a 0.5 pound tablet can be easily carried. While you’re going through airports, cabs, meetings, conferences and various confined spaces, tablets stay much ahead not only because of their lightweight but for their efficacy as well. Quite naturally, tablets stay much ahead of the laptops when it comes to portability.

Increase Productivity

When you need to travel a lot during your office hours, even the smallest laptops can feel quite heavy at times. Yet, you may need to carry it nevertheless in case you need to work on some detailed documents or create some presentations for your clients while on the go. In such cases, a tablet can easily become an easy and effective alternative. Whether you need to show some slides at your customers’ meeting, use a mobile smartboard for presentations, or take important notes, all you need to have is a tablet. No wonder the emergence of tablets has erased the fine line between productive hours and non-productive hours, thus giving your productivity a new height.

Save Power

When we talk about power consumption, tablets always stay much ahead of the laptops. In general, a single charge of your tablet would make you rest assured for an entire day while for laptops, saving battery power is almost unimaginable. In today’s competitive business landscape, losing power, while on the go which interferes with work severely, is simply unaffordable. With a tablet, you would rarely have to experience a situation of running out of power before you can get access to a way of recharging your device.


Today’s deluge of viruses and malware has made antivirus software an inherent part of any laptop. It’s not that tablets are completely safe from viruses but they’re much less vulnerable compared to laptops. With a tablet, you can be least bothered about viruses and malware whether you’ve an antivirus installed or not and perform your work seamlessly. Everyone wants to work with a safe and less vulnerable device and tablets just let you do it with ease.


The design of new-age tablets leverages the touchscreen technology which is greatly intuitive. You can even get to use a touch-friendly operating system on your tablet i.e. Windows, Android or iOS. Even tech-newbies can easily figure out the icon-rich designs and enjoy a seamless use. Features such as swiping from one screen to another are much easier to master compared to navigating file trees or tapping Windows keys. Besides, the complete touchscreen feature of tablets provides a distraction-free working environment.

Smartphones are in competition too

The launch of high-end smartphones in quick succession these days has probably crated a dent in the usage of laptops. More powerful and more capable next-generation smartphones and tablets can easily handle most of the at-home or at-office tasks. Word processing and other office tasks being fundamental features of smartphones, today anyone can perform regular tasks on their tablets while on the move. It’s important to note here that apart from tablets, smartphones too would have a great role to play in the decreasing use of laptops.

Current trend

As the number of tablet users is increasing rapidly and tablet computing has successfully merged with mainstream, global technology device leaders such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell etc have started to focus more on bridging the gap between tablets and laptops. Innovative ideas like convertible designs have gone through new-age systems that pivot, slide and flip between laptop and tablet modes. Emergence of systems like detachable hybrids and pivoting convertible hybrids has shaped up the current gadget trend in a much advanced manner. You can use these systems as tablets, laptops or either of the two display modes.


The key reasons for which laptops always stay ahead of the desktops are that they’re mobile, convenient to travel with and can be used for work purposes while on the move. A lighter and smaller tablet with faster processors, apps for software and a keyboard dock can certainly take the place of a laptop. Today, technology is being crammed into cloud first and then delivered to tablets making them all-in-one devices. Thus, it can be said that it would just be a matter of time before tablets finally and completely usurp the laptops as first choice for mobile business users. But it would take time and for most of the tech-savvy people, it hasn’t come yet.

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