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Beginners guide to Airsoft

Devised in Japan Airsoft is the new outdoor gun combat game that is already becoming more popular the Paintball. Airsoft is similar to Paintball as it’s played by teams attempting to win battles while trying to outwit each other strategically, however, rather than using paint balls to eliminate opponents Airsoft uses BB’s, small plastic ball bearings.

This guide gives beginners the low down on how to become more proficient at playing Airsoft. It gives an insight into the guns that are used, the obligatory equipment you need to wear to help protect yourself from the BB’s and a host of other fascinating hints and tips to help you and your team win the battles.

Perfect for those who like to take a hands-on approach to strategic and tactical missions Airsoft is more about team work than racing around the playing field like a maniac. It takes brave actions and the ability to watch, look and listen if you don’t want to be eliminated from the game before anyone else.

Take a look at the guide below, learn a few of the hands signals that allow your team to move stealthily without risk of being heard by the enemy or use some of the ambush techniques to move in on your opposing team and ultimately win the battle.

Infographic credits: Sunderland Air Guns

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