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Convert Apple Music To MP3 With The Best Apple Music Converter

Part 1. Why We Need To Convert Apple Music To MP3?

Just like any other streaming services, Apple Music has protected its contents by putting DRM protection into them. You will notice as well an .m4p file extension name in every file that you have downloaded from Apple Music. These M4P files contain the encoding format of AAC, which makes it impossible for the users to copy or transfer the songs from one device to another. This may result as well to being not capable of using your preferred audio player.

AAC format is actually quite good since when it comes to sound quality concerns, it can do much as MP3. Also, AAC files are smaller in size in comparison to MP3. However, AAC is less popular compared to MP3 format and also, it is not supported in most audio players. This is already an enough reason to convert Apple Music to MP3. In addition to this, once the Apple Music subscription was cancelled, all of the music files that you downloaded in your music library will disappear. They will not be stored in your device forever.

Aside from the mentioned above, there are more benefits that you can get if you convert Apple Music to MP3. I have prepared below a list of the most advantages that you can have in return from doing this procedure.

1.If you convert Apple Music to MP3, it will be easier for you to use any music player of your choice in streaming the songs. You may choose from iOS devices, Windows, MP3 player, Android phones and more.

2.If they are converted, you can save them and play anytime offline. The stable signal and the poor internet connection will not worry you anymore.

3.Flash drive and external hard drive could be utilized as well as a back-up copy of the converted Apple Music songs.

4.After doing the process on how to convert Apple Music to MP3, even without the family plan, all of you would be able to play the songs simultaneously in more than once device.

5.Also, you will be able to cut a very large amount of money for the monthly subscription. Even without the subscription, you are still able to experience what a subscriber enjoys.

6.Lastly, once the tracks are converted, you may now try burning them in a blank CD.

To be honest, there are still a lot more benefits or advantages after the tracks are converted into MP3. The list above is just some of the most common examples.

Part 2. What Is The Best Apple Music Converter?

There were a lot of ways on how you can successfully convert Apple Music to MP3 including the use of iTunes and Apple Music app. However, these methods might give you some disadvantages which could be seen in the resulting songs. An example of this is the resulting streaming quality of songs. A person that is super into music will surely not be satisfied with just a normal sound and would definitely want to have the best audio quality to listen to.

With the above-mentioned concern being considered, you should make use of a reliable tool that can give you the best results. In such case, the most recommended software would be TuneSolo Apple Music Converter. Let us see the benefits that we can get from this notable converter by having a brief discussion of its features.

Star Features Of TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

Convert Apple Music Into Other Audio Formats

With TuneSolo Apple Music Converter, you are able to convert Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV and AAC output format. It can do the same thing as well to iTunes M4P music and audiobooks.

Download Apple Music

Once the songs are converted into other audio format, it would be easier now to download them and one of the key features of TuneSolo Apple Music Converter is its capability to save Apple Music songs. The saved music files can be streamed anytime you wish to.

Offline Listening

With the help of the conversion and download features, you can freely have the downloaded contents played offline. Meaning to say, you won’t have the need to worry about your mobile data being turned on all the time, the stable signal or the poor WIFI connection.

Best Streaming Quality Of Songs

TuneSolo Apple Music Converter can guarantee you as well the best streaming quality of converted Apple Music songs.

Keeps Important Details From Songs Such As ID3 Tags And Metadata Info

TuneSolo is equipped with an automatic recognition technology which enables it to retain important information from songs. This technology is particularly known as the advanced ID tag identification technology which allows the software to recognize vital details including the ID3 Tags and Metadata info. You are even allowed to edit the details as well if you wish to. Examples of these details include the artwork, title of song, album’s name, year of release and artist name.

Use Multiple Devices In Playing The Converted Songs

The output formats that TuneSolo offers are all playable in any device. Once the songs are transferred from one device to another, you can have them streamed simultaneously even without a family plan. Examples of devices that you may use include iPad nano, iPhone, PSP, Xbox One, Apple Watch, Zune and Android phones. TuneSolo Apple Music Converter also has an allotted version for both Windows 10 and MacOs.

Fast Conversion Speed In Up To 16x Faster

With TuneSolo Apple Music Converter being utilized, you can save a lot of your time because it can work in up to 16x faster speed. It is even better that it does batch conversion as well. Meaning to say, in just a few minutes, you can have most of the tracks converted already.

After learning the features of TuneSolo Apple Music Converter, let us now learn about the steps on how to convert Apple Music to MP3 using this notable converter.

Step 1. Download And Launch TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

The first step is to get TuneSolo Apple Music Converter downloaded in your used device. In order to do this, just search for the app in the application store of your device. Alternatively, just visit the official website of TuneSolo and download the application from there. Once done, you have to install and launch it as well.

Step 2. Upload The Music Files Into TuneSolo Apple Music Converter

After the complete installation of the software, you have to wait for a few minutes until it has recognized your library. Once it is complete, it will then automatically load your music. It would be time now to finally proceed to uploading tracks.

Step 3. Select The Output Format And The Output Folder

For the third step, you need to choose the output format of the songs to be converted. Form the output formats mentioned available a while ago, click on the MP3 format. You have to select a separate folder as the storage folder of the tracks after the conversion process was done.

Step 4. Click The Convert Button

Now that you are already done with the uploading of songs and output format selection, you may now click the “Convert” button and get the process started. You will have the need to wait for a couple of minutes until the entire process was done. Right after that, you may now download the converted files and save them in your device forever.

And that is it! Just follow the easy steps discussed above on how to convert Apple Music to MP3 using TuneSolo. If you are looking for the same tool that can help you as well to convert Apple Music to MP3, you can alternatively use DumpMedia Apple Music Converter or TunesFun Apple Music Converter. It is just as good as TuneSolo Apple Music Converter.

Part 3. How To Convert Apple Music To MP3 With iTunes?

Like what I mentioned earlier, Apple Music contents are protected by DRM, which is the chief reason why the users are not allowed to play them in just any device and why it is restricted to copy and transfer them into another. This is the very reason why the users are considering to convert Apple Music to MP3, since MP3 is the most accessible output format in all kinds of devices and audio players.

Aside from using TuneSolo Apple Music Converter, another way to convert Apple Music to MP3 is through the help of iTunes. Check out the detailed steps below on how to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Steps In Converting Apple Music To MP3 With iTunes

1. The first step is to open your iTunes Preference. If you are using Windows, click on the Edit tab that is located at the top part of your screen. After doing so, you will be shown a list of options wherein you have to choose the Preference option. On the other hand, if you are using Mac, click iTunes and select Preference.

2. Clicking on Preference will give you a set of new options again. These include General, Playback, Sharing, Store, Advanced and more. From these options, choose the General button and click it. Next is to take a look at the lower part of your screen and select Import Settings.

3. After hitting Import Settings, you will be displayed with a new window containing all the available output formats where you can choose from. You have there the MP3 format, AAC, WAV and AIFF. Since we are tackling about how to convert Apple Music to MP3, click on the MP3 encoder.

4. Once the encoder was selected, click the OK button and have the changes made saved.

5. After that, you may now proceed selecting one or more songs from your music library. To make this possible, select the File tab and then select Create New Version menu next. From the pop-up window, you will see separate choices particularly Create MP3 Version, Create AAC Version, Create WAV Version, Create Apple Lossless Version and Create AIFF Version. From the choices, select Create MP3 Version.

Using iTunes to convert Apple Music to MP3 is a good alternative, however, it might affect the original quality of the tracks after they have undergone the process of conversion. The output might not be able to give you a hundred percent lossless quality of songs and the best streaming quality.

Another downside in using iTunes to convert Apple Music to MP3 is it might not be able to do the process to tracks that you purchased a long time ago. This is mainly because the old tracks are encoded in AAC format and prevents them from being converted into another output format.

Part 4. Summary

As what was discussed above, there are a lot of benefits from converting Apple Music to MP3. After they are converted, you can even have them transferred into your iTunes music library and in any other device of your choice without the need to get authorized by your Apple ID. And most importantly, you do not have to pay for any subscription just to be able to stream Apple Music songs, even if it gets cancelled, you will still be capable of doing so. But of course, if you are to get the best quality converted Apple Music songs, you have to use the best tool as well. If your goal is to convert Apple Music to MP3, the most perfect tool to use is TuneSolo Apple Music Converter. Just make sure to follow all the guidelines discussed above to be able to utilize the converter properly.

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