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Udacity’s Data Engineering Nanodegree worth it?

This article discusses Insights about Data Engineer Nanodegree from Udacity. Udacity is pleased to introduce new additions to our Business School: Nanodegree Data Engineer Program. Data Engineering has become one of the hottest jobs in the world today. From MBA graduates to former entrepreneurs, the position of product manager plays a role in the technology industry attracted by some of the bravest and brightest people. Over the past decade, interest in product management work has grown by 300%; and should. Rated as the top 15 jobs in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, Data Engineer boast a 24% job growth rate and a national average basic salary of $ 125,000 per year.

As Alex King, Product Program Manager at Nanodegree and Data Engineer at Uber, said, the role of Product Manager adds a lot of responsibility and reward.

“Data Engineers play a very important role in ensuring that the right product is developed. This starts with a deeper understanding of your users and the problems you are solving and then working with many different groups to identify and build a solution. After launching the product, it’s a wonderful feeling when you see people using your product in the real world. ”

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This Nanodegree program is ideal for those who want to enter the Data Engineering space and does not have any technical requirements, so it is available to students from a variety of domains. Once you have learned the basic skills from this Data Engineering Nanodegree

from Udacity, you will be equipped to continue practicing your skills through the AI ​​Product Manager Nanodegree program, as well as the upcoming Growth and Data Product Manager Programs of Nanodegree.

Data Engineers Drive Company and Customer Number

Let’s go through a few examples of why Data Engineers are so important to companies. Have you heard of ICQ? Probably not. However, most of you may have used or at least heard about AOL’s Instant Messenger. ICQ was an early messenger tool similar to AOL’s Instant Messenger, but unlike Instant Messenger, ICQ had too many features that had difficulty delivering customer value; as a result, it has never moved because it is too powerful and not enough for users. Now let’s look at a recent example. When Apple released its first version of the iPod in 2001, Microsoft released a competitive offer five years later called Microsoft Zune. However, unlike Apple’s iPod, Microsoft’s Zune failed to bring additional value to the audience and slowed down the market, which led the audience to stick to Apple’s iPod instead of switching to Microsoft’s Zune, prompting Microsoft to stop producing Zune’s product a few years later.

So what separates the exciting new ideas that are changing the industry? Data Engineer. Data Engineer make ideas a reality by cleverly combining a strategy driven by insight and powerful action. Whether it adds a feature that enhances customer enjoyment of an existing product, such as AOL’s Instant Messenger, or a completely new offering on the market, such as Apple’s iPod, Data Engineer serves as a bridge between the company’s problems and the value it brings to the company’s customers.

In addition, with the advent of digital integration in the last few decades, all companies, including those that sold the most popular products in the past, such as Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Lego, now need a Product Manager who can oversee software product development. As McKinsey’s article points out, Product Managers are very important in today’s digital age companies, connecting software engineering teams across the organization, and ensuring that the resources used internally create an extraordinary number of customers on the outside. Such an influential role requires a set of dynamic skills, including the ability of both soft skills, such as unauthorized influence, and complex skills, such as outsourcing data and a product-based market. The ability to apply a range of skills throughout the product development process is what allows influential products to be marketed in a timely manner with the right features.

There is a gap in Product Management skills in the market due to the lack of industry-related programs focusing on soft and resilient skills.

However, this set of dynamic skills that differentiates Data Enginee is a type that is unfamiliar to employees, especially in countries like Australia and India. The gap in Data Engineer skills in the workplace may be due to the lack of effective, industry-specific training. McKinsey states that the maturitycan be measured across all six pillars and that the best way to improve these pillars by working on real-world projects with regular training and feedback. In other words, Product Managers need to have a good business, technology, and design idea and be able to identify potential collaborations and change situations between these three domains on a regular basis. However, there are very few Product Management training programs available in the market that enable problem-solving in domains, technologies, and construction, and there are a few that teach the complex and flexible skills needed to work effectively at the crossroads of these three disciplines.


All products made for today’s market are data products – works on data-based comprehension to provide the right feeling, to the right user, at the right time. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, and many are able to provide a personal and engaging experience to users because they use data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence better meet the needs of the user. In the Data Engineer Nanodegree program, you will sharpen the specialty skills in Data Engineering, a role with an initial salary of $ 125,000 and is equipped to create products that use data to place customers and businesses to thrive. This program is designed for aspiring students take key leadership roles in developing their strategic product and strategies company.


Data Engineer roles in the US have grown by 32% in just two years, from August 2017 to June 2019, which is higher than the growth of software engineering jobs (21%) and the growth of US jobs (6%) at the same time. length.

This program will teach you both the hard skills of leading product development, and the soft skills of getting user feedback and influencing teams to work differently. Udacity’s Data Engineer Nanodegree program allows students to develop knowledge across all businesses, design, and tech domains through hands-on, industry-related projects and mentor feedback.

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