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A Parent’s Guide to Planning and Preparation for the 11 Plus Exam

The 11 plus exam refers to the selective grammar school tests in the UK. Getting into a grammar school is a big deal for most parents and pupils. For starters, education in these schools is top-notch and renowned. Second, since they are funded by the state, grammar schools don’t charge fees for tuition.

Pupils can reap these amazing benefits once they pass a grammar school exam. However, not every child has what it takes to ace this difficult test. With that in mind, parents must intervene and ensure that their child can finish the test successfully.

If you want your child to get into grammar school, follow the short guide below to ensure a victorious journey:

Focus on the Four Core Disciplines

The 11 plus exam has four core disciplines: Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning, and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Depending on the grammar school, all or only some of these four disciplines may be included. It’s best to master all four disciplines to ace the exam.

During your practice sessions with your child, make sure to provide ample time for each core discipline. Take note of some weak areas to improve in the next practice session.

Get an 11 Plus Tutor

As a parent, you may find it difficult to teach your child without experience. It’s best to leave your child at the hands of a seasoned 11 plus tutor. It will cost you money, but you’re guaranteed to drive better results in the future.

If you don’t know where to get a tutor, you can search 11 plus tutor near me on the internet. That way, you can hire a tutor that can easily visit your home to see your child. Alternatively, you can also book a virtual tutor from various EdTech companies.

Develop a Study Technique

To prepare for the 11 plus exam, it’s best to strategize a plan to succeed. For starters, you can begin paving the way for effective study techniques for your child.

First, determine the study methods your child is comfortable with. Communicate on factors you both want to improve in your techniques. Next, test your study methods and see if it brings better results. If it does, continue refining it until it improves your child’s scores.

Use Worksheets to Build Skills

It’s true that practice makes perfect. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child gets a satisfactory school at the 11 plus exam. To do this, you can get 11 plus worksheets to practice on.

In addition to these worksheets, you can also download 11 plus past papers to establish familiarity. There are plenty of websites where you can get these past papers. Remember to download only from reputable websites like KidSmart to get the best kind of past papers.

The key to passing the 11 plus exam is preparation, perseverance, and a parent’s support. Every child needs their parent to guide them along the way to become better learners. Make sure that your child can depend on you on important matters like the 11 plus exam!

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