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Pursuing Compensation After Sustaining Injuries from a Preventable Accident

Road accidents involving one or more cars are dangerous. According to recent statistics, thousands of Americans lose their lives every year in road accidents. These alarming figures are bound to rise as time goes on, and road safety needs to be emphasized in all states.

Some accidents happen as a result of uncontrollable factors while others can be prevented. Circumstances might place you in an accident that could be avoided. In such a case, you are in a better position when you call a car accident lawyer to pursue compensation on your behalf.

The sections that follow below look at various causes of accidents and educate the reader about the course of action to take should they be involved in accidents that could be avoided.

What Are the Common Reasons for Road Accidents in America?

1. Distracted Driving

Many people keep their eyes glued on their phone’s screen for long periods of time in this age of smartphones. Operating phones when driving is discouraged by the authorities due to the large percentage of accidents resulting from it.

The driver can also lose concentration on the road when operating the car radio, fumbling with luggage carried inside the driver’s compartment, or looking away from the road. Drivers are urged to always keep their full attention on the road at all times to avoid getting into accidents.

2. Failure to Obey Road Signs

Road signs are put up for the simple reason of aiding the smooth flow of traffic. However, some rogue drivers ignore the road signs and cause dangerous collisions with other drivers and road users.

3. Lack of Courtesy on the Road

Road courtesy is one of the most important virtues drivers should have. Giving drivers who have the right of way a chance to move can prevent an accident. Sadly, not everyone on the road is courteous. Some drivers disregard other road users, leading to cars colliding if the other car doesn’t stop in good time.

4. Collision with Animals

Animals who wander onto to busy roads can cause serious accidents when cars collide with them when driving at high speeds. The authorities put up signs to warn drivers of the possibility of animals crossing the roads. Such roads are usually deserted, and drivers tend to drive at high speed on such roads. Driving at high speed can cause the car to fail to stop in time when there is an animal in the middle of the road.

Seeking Compensation for an Avoidable Car Accident

A car accident can cause you serious bodily harm and confine you to the hospital for a long time, waiting for the injuries you sustain to heal. If you can prove that the injuries you sustained in an accident resulted from someone else’s negligence, you are eligible for some form of compensation.

Financial compensation may not heal your injuries right away, but it goes a long way to cushion you from burning a hole in your bank account when you pay for the hospital bills from your pocket.

What You Need to Prove the Negligence of the Other Driver

Collecting evidence to prove that the other driver was negligent is no easy task. Here are a few possibilities your lawyer will be looking to prove to ensure you get compensated:

  • If the other driver faulted any traffic rules or road signs prior to the accident
  • If the other car’s indicator lights were working and in good condition before the accident
  • Whether the other car was moving at a speed above the set speed limit
  • If the other car came to a sudden stop while in the middle of the road

Having a dash cam recording the events on the road helps a lot when the drivers and police need to collect evidence in the aftermath of an accident. Drivers are advised to invest in dash cams in their cars for this reason. It is a good thing that dash cams are portable, easy to use, and inexpensive.

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