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Published on February 6th, 2021 | by Bibhuranjan


Subtitle Translation Agencies Processes and Phases You Need to Know 

Subtitle translation is an excellent way to connect with your audience and increase viewer experience. However, most content creators overlook it. The purpose of crafting video content is to engage a global and diverse viewership. 

However, in order to effectively captivate a wider audience, your subtitles must be enthralling, clear, and accurate. For this, you require in-depth knowledge about subtitle translation alongside technical knowledge. Plus, it’s vital you’re fluent in a variety of languages. Here, we take a look at the subtitle translation processes and phases: 

What is Subtitling? 

Subtitling refers to a form of audiovisual translation with a specific set of rules and regulations crafted to offer first-rate work. In this process, adept translators add text to a provided audiovisual media. 

Through these brands can convey their message to a wider audience by allowing them to read and understand the dialogue in the video. Subtitles are the perfect way to ensure everyone can grasp the subtleties verbal communication boasts.  

Typically, your screen displays subtitles in the form of 1 to 2 lines. With the help of subtitles, viewers can enjoy visuals while also comfortably reading any audio. 

Subtitle translation processes include several key steps. Here we discuss the crucial phases in detail:

Gathering Requirements

The first step of subtitle translation is defining the nature of the project. Here you need to figure out the variety of foreign languages needed and how you’re going to visualize the subtitles.  

Moreover, you’ll have to work on ensuring the audio is in sync with the video alongside the provided minimum and maximum duration times. 

Transcription and Source Subtitle Timing the Video

Next comes crafting the assets you need to translate. It comprises translating the offered language and modifying it in accordance with the permitted word count. In addition, you’ll devise the framework to plug in subtitles accordingly.  

Make Corrections

Your content should boast proper sentence structure and should be easy to comprehend. Moreover, your draft must be free of all kinds of function, spelling, and grammatical mistakes. 

You also want to make sure your content meets the spelling and punctuation rules of the language you’re translating to. Last but not least, make sure to split your subtitles to allow viewers to easily understand them.  

Syncing the Video

Now’s the time to make certain adjustments. When you translate the content in foreign languages, some of them end up extending the length of the project. In turn, the language may take a while longer to deliver a message.

For this reason, you may have to adjust the time offered to read what’s on the screen. You want to be able to let your audience understand and comfortably read subtitles while conveying the original message. While this part is tricky, the proper skill-set and software can ensure perfection.  

Ensure Top-notch Quality 

The purpose of your subtitle translation is to open your content to a wider audience. And in order to enthrall viewers, you need to deliver premium quality work to them.  You can hire an agency like for this work.

Here you can reach out to someone who’s fluent and well-versed in the language you’re translating. Once they overlook your work, you can rest assured your work delivers spell-binding content without losing the original purpose of the task.

Conduct a Simulation Session

In addition to the corrections you made above, it’s always a smart idea to review your final work in a simulation session. Allowing the video to run lets you pinpoint errors you may have previously missed. In this way, you can assure excellence in your work.


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