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5 Simple Solutions for Fixing the Nvidia Control Panel Missing Issue

Nvidia control panel missing issue is very frustrating. Users reported that they are not able to find their Nvidia control panel on their desktop. We have brought this post to make you know the solutions to fix the issue and get rid of it.

There are 5 solutions for you to have a look at. Just follow the steps properly and we ensure the problem will get solved. Continue reading and fix the issue today.

1. Restart NVIDIA Services

You can restart the Nvidia services and check if the problem gets fixed or not. Follow the below steps for doing so.

Step 1: Open the Run box and type services.msc in it. Now, press the enter button for opening it.

Step 2: The services window will open up.

Step 3: Restart all the Nvidia services over here that you find. If any service has stopped, then start it.

Now, see if the problem gets cleared or not. If not, then restart the system and check once again.

2. Unhide NVIDIA Control Panel

It is quite possible that the control panel got hidden at the time of any update. You can unhide it to get it back. Follow the steps given below for this.

Step 1: You have to open the control panel first of all.

Step 2: Now, you have to double click on the NVIDIA Control Panel option.

Step 3: Then, click on View or Desktop menu.

Step 4: After doing this, select the Add Desktop Context Menu option from the drop-down.

Now, check if the panel reappears or not in the Desktop context menu.

3. Permanent Solution by NVIDIA Support

Nvidia support provided this solution to fix the issue. Have a look at the steps for fixing it and see what happens.

Step 1: You have to navigate to the given location by opening my computer.

Program Files (x86)

NVIDIA Corporation


Step 2: Now, you have to look for a file named Display.NvContainer in the Display.NvContainer folder. Then, right-click it and click copy.

Step 3: Now, you have to open the Startup Folder. You can do so by opening the run box and type shell: startup.

Step 4: Then, paste the copied Display.NvContainer file over here.

Step 5: Right-click the Display.NvContainer file you pasted in Startup folder.

Step 6: Click Properties option.

Step 6: Now, go to the Compatibility tab and checkmark the Run this program as administrator option and click OK.

Restart your PC and check if the problem gets fixed or not. If not, then you can move to the next two solutions.

4. Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver

Many times, issues occur due to the wrong graphics drivers. The graphic drivers are wrong or are not updated to the latest version so this problem occurs. This might be the case here as well. Follow the steps given below for updating the drivers.

Step 1: Open Run box and search for device manager.

Step 2: Then, you have to expand the Display adapters option over here.

Step 3: You have to look for NVIDIA graphics card driver over here and then update it by right-clicking it.

Step 4: A new window will open here and then you have to click on Search automatically for updated driver software option. The search for any update in the graphics drivers will be started and it will get installed automatically on its own if any update is there. You will receive a message that all the drivers are updated to the latest version too if no update is required.

5. Reinstall NVIDIA Graphics Driver

The earlier step was to update the graphic drivers to the latest version but if your drivers are up-to-date and still the problem occurs then try to uninstall them and then reinstall them. Follow the below steps for this.

Step 1: Open the Run box first of all and search for Device Manager.

Step 2: Expand the Display adapters options after device manager opens up. Now, you have to uninstall the drivers by right-clicking the Nvidia drivers.

Step 3: Then, you have to open the NVIDIA – Download Drivers webpage.

Step 4: Here, you have to select the correct Product Type, Product Series, and Product options as per the configurations of your computer and download the drivers.

Step 5: Install the drivers on your system once they get downloaded.

Restart the system and check the status of the issue.

So, here were the fixes to the Nvidia control panel missing options issue. Just follow the steps properly to fix the issue. Let us know if you are facing any difficulty implementing these solutions. For getting for more updates on any technology news, don’t forget to follow Techno FAQ!

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