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A Look at Successful ACH Integration in 2019

While a successful ACH API integration largely depends on the business and their requirements itself, there are a few things that cross the requirement boundaries and apply to most all ACH Integration needs:

  • The Method of Integration
  • Integration Support
  • Data Hostaging Management
  • Single Integration
  • Data Reporting
  • The On-Boarding Process

The Method of Integration

While a successful ACH API integration largely depends on the business and their requirements itself, there are a few things that cross the requirement boundaries and apply to most all ACH Integration needs:

  • What type of business are we and what is our business model?
  • What does a transaction flow chart showing what goes where and from whom look like?
  • What products or services are provided if debits are involved?
  • Who is being funded if credits are involved?
  • What are the required and requested transaction limits?
  • Do we have have any specific integration requirements determined by our organization?

With a clear understanding of all the requirements for the right ACH Integration, the method of integration can be determined, a sandbox for that particular method can be assigned, and API credentials for integration development and testing can be provided.

Integration Support

The right ACH API integration offers adequate support to deal with the unique requirements of a specific application.

Integration problems means man hours wasted, or a failure point that leaves the integration with a weak point. Simply providing API documentation for developers to sift through isn’t enough, integration engineers MUST have access to live support specific knowledge of the API method being used. The right integration should have the ability to listen to business requirements and present programmatic solutions that will meet the organization’s requirements.

Data Hostaging Management

When an integrated application needs to migrate from one ACH integration to another processor the data be made available by way of a secure transfer process. Far too often data is “held hostage” from an integrated company, something that is rarely considered when an application evaluates and chooses and ACH integration.

Data hostaging can occur in multiple ways, including ridiculous fees required to migrate the data. For example, a company who wants to migrate away from their current processor to a new processor is presented with a work order in the amount of $50,000 in order to migrate the data.

There is work involved to transfer data securely, but it shouldn’t be more than a few hundred dollars. Find out the data migration policy before you integrate.

Single Integration

Many businesses that seek an ACH integration also require credit card processing. Having an integration method that supports both the payment rails eliminates an integration, and provides a single point of data return and billing.

Data Reporting

Integration without data reporting leaves users in the dark or relying on the ACH processors web portal or ftp solution to acquire and present transaction reporting. Sensitive data must obviously be withheld, but user’s should be in the know when it comes to transaction volume and returns data.

Transactional reporting should be available via the API using webhooks or callbacks to automate the presentation of transaction reporting within your application,especially if you are involved in a revenue share agreement with your processor.

The On-Boarding Process

When it comes to the on-boarding process some organizations adopt a white label approach, which requires the boarding process to be presented and started within their application. While it might still be a contractual relationship with the processor itself, everything in the boarding and application process should be possible to embed in the organization’s application.

This should be available via API. Additionally, there should be a choice of who receives the API credentials.

Some applications require their users to input the API keys, while others are programmatically configured for API key entry to be done at the software application provider level. Make sure your requirement can be met.

Find the Right Integration Partner

When it comes to successful ACH Integration in 2019, applications looking to integrate MUST NOT SETTLE! Successful ACH API integration is a result of a business understanding their specific Integration needs. You can Contact Agile Payments for more information regarding ACH Integration in your business.

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